Preventing hair loss and bleaching hair

By: Eyal Cohen, Healer, and author of the book series “Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor”

While you read this article, I encourage you to put your palm on your head…

If I told you that the way to prevent hair loss and bleaching is without drugs and without medicines, would you believe it?

My family has a background of bleaching hair and baldness at a young age, and when I was 30, I already had the whitest hair among my friends, and quite a few of my friends mocked me and called me “Grandpa” with a cruel wink. I also suffered from hair loss from a young age, but luckily, I was able to preserve a significant part of it, in a way that you will soon understand.

In 1993, when I was 32, I experienced a shocking Enlightenment, that made me feel for a moment as if my hair falls out completely, the sensation of being bald, which is in fact a sense like being naked. In response, I instinctively placed my palm on my scalp, trying to calm it down.

Within seconds I felt an improvement as if the blood returned to flow, and that the hair got stronger.

In almost thirty years that have passed, from then until today, I give myself healing treatments, during which I have added white hair, but in a much smaller amount than it would have been if I had not given myself healing, and also slow down significantly hair loss process. Ironically, all my friends who mocked me almost thirty years ago, are today much whiter than I am…

Now, you are interested in understanding baldness and bleaching your hair in order to prevent it as possible, I will explain things to you from my point of view.

The human brain has evolved over millions of years and continues to evolve rapidly over the generations. The part which controls the basic body functions – such as respiration, internal organ control, blood flow, metabolism, reflexes, and many factors of basic importance to life, controlled by the cerebellum and deep tissues deep inside the brain.

Newer functions and sensations are forming new layers of nerve cells and blood vessels in the outer layers of the brain.

In the reality we live in, which is changing rapidly, the brain continues to develop rapidly, and our contemporary emotions and memories form new layers of nerve cells and blood vessels in the cerebral cortex, so some of the nerve cells used for life-related sensations are formed on or near the scalp.

In our lives in the modern world, we go through quite a few challenges and live from a wide range of negative sensations, such as humiliation, insult, anger, jealousy, disappointment, failure, hatred, shame, anxiety, guilt, remorse, and many other. Emotions that we define as negative, cause the blood vessels in the scalp to constrict, and the more powerful they are, they cause the more blood vessels in the scalp to contract, and with it, the blood supply to the hair follicles also decreases.

In some cases – depending on genetics, the lack of nutritious to the scalp causes hair loss, and in others, the weakening of blood flow causes substances such as pigments, hormones, and other proteins not to reach the scalp – or reach it in a significantly lower level, resulting in the hair losing color and hair becoming bleached.

The sensation of vasoconstriction in the scalp is an itch that we feel in the scalp, after which we are left with a fewer hair. If you put your palm on the scalp every time it starts, you will have more chances to keep the hair, its color, and its density.

These days, with the constant rise in the cost of living and rising competition, the amount of energy required of us in order to live a decent life is rising rapidly. As the level of stress increases, it leaves a mark that is expressed as more young people lose their hair – and at a younger age, which made baldness an epidemic.

The natural and simple way to try to avoid this problem is to place your palm on the scalp several times a day – especially when you are feeling emotionally distressed – or the symptoms of contracting the blood vessels.

The most important time to do this is at night – before bed.

The reason for this is that at night we take time out from the daily race, and think about what we went through the day and what awaits us next, which is a critical stage in hair loss.

Unpleasant experiences thinking about what you have been through during the day and what you had to do to others, would float and rise before you fall to sleep, contracting the blood vessels in your scalp make you find yourself in the morning in a bed full with hair, and the same amount of hair less on your head.

To prevent this, try to fall asleep with your hand on your head. If you can get used to it, you will slow down the rate of hair loss and bleaching significantly.

Unfortunately, from my personal experience, this method will not grow new hair, but maybe it will work for you, and if you have what to keep, you should start doing it today, when there is still what to save…

If this does not work for you, you may want to try a treatment from the hands of a healer.
I estimate that one treatment a week or even every two weeks may strengthen your blood flow and prevent hair loss, but since this is individual, you can experiment and check according to the condition of the hair loss every time you need to receive treatment in order to find the best way preserve the hair.
It should be understood that hair is just like any other body organ, and living without it is a kind of crippelty.

Beyond aesthetic significance and its importance for self-image and self-confidence, hair has a very significant role in maintaining our health, as it protects the delicate skin of the scalp from the sun’s rays and also protects your brain from the cold.
This is why I would recommend replacing it with something artificial.
If you have already lost hair, I advised you to choose between a hair transplant surgery or a wig that will protect your scalp and also have aesthetic benefits.

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