Natural cure of Diabetes Wounds

By: Eyal Cohen, Healer, and author of the series “Things You Won’t Hear From Your Doctor.”

Diabetes causes many different health problems, but one of the most prominent and severe ones is wounds, that instead of healing, their condition worsens rapidly, and may develop into necrosis that doctors cut off limbs.

Why do people with diabetes get injured and the wounds do not heal?

Bacteria enter the body all the time through small wounds, through cracks in the skin – especially in the feet, but as long as blood sugar is balanced, their strength is limited and the body heals itself. In the case of diabetics, excess sugar in the blood, in fact, is a “fast food” for bacteria that penetrate the body, allowing them to reproduce quickly and overcome the immune mechanism. In cases where drug therapy is ineffective, the bacteria can multiply rapidly and cause inflammation that goes on and worsens until necrosis develops, which forced the amputation of feet, and sometimes other parts of the body that are affected.

Excess blood sugar is caused by a condition called pancreatic failure, which develops as blood vessels in the pancreas shrink and blood flow decreases, to a level that it cannot function and produce insulin.

The pancreas is a secretion gland, and its function is to produce and secrete a hormone called insulin into the bloodstream. The role of insulin is to allow sugar to penetrate the cells, to be used as raw material to generate energy. Diabetes develops as a result of pancreatic insufficiency, which is a condition in which the pancreas does not have enough blood flow so that it can act and produce the insulin level necessary to allow the sugar to penetrate the cells. As insulin production is impaired, less sugar from the food can penetrate the cells of the body, so sugar accumulates in the blood, resulting in the blood of people with diabetes becoming sweet …

In the book “Zen and The Natural Cure of Gum Disease,” which opens the series “Things You Won’t Hear From Your Doctor,” I discussed the similarity between tooth decay, which develops as a result of hyperglycemia in the mouth, with the inflammation that develops in the wounds of diabetes. The similarity is that they are both the result of hyperglycemia, which allows bacteria to multiply, To overcome the immune system, and to secrete acids that cause tooth decay,
which allows the uncontrolled proliferation of bacteria in the wounds to which they penetrate, causing necrosis. The two cases are essentially the same since in both cases the extra sugar is the cause of the growth of disproportionate bacteria and the collapse of the immune system. The difference is that the process takes place in different tissues.

The medical approach is a lot of antibiotics, and if that does not work, you try more antibiotics and different types of antibiotics, and when you come to the conclusion that it no longer helps, they simply cut off your feet or the parts that are infected with the necrosis.

There is another approach that medicine does not recognize, but its chances of healing are high – and there is no risk, and it is the Reiki – or healing.
If you are suffering from a diabetic wound before you reach the hospital

and leave with a disability for the rest of your life, try a treatment that will make you forget the pain and heal the wound quickly and effectively that will surprise your doctor as well. Healing or Reiki treatments enhance and strengthen the body’s healing ability, help the body to regenerate tissues, and enable fast high-quality natural healing. From the time the body receives Healing therapy, it enters the ecstasy of healing, showing results that without this therapy there is no way even to imagine.

As a therapist, I invite people suffering from a diabetic wound to experience, instead of going to the hospital and giving up organs in the body or undergoing a series of suffering and agony, which is fraught with chemicals and invasive intervention.
Healing is guaranteed. You did not rivet – you did not pay. No more simple than that!

In the photos before you a diabetic wound after three treatments, and if in the first photograph the situation looks terrible to you, it is after treatment. Before the treatment, the situation was much worse, and the amazing thing is that after the second treatment the wound was closed.

This diabetic wound, although it does not seem sympathetic, is already after another healing treatment, and after the third treatment, the wound is closed.

So far about treating the wounds of diabetes, which are severe symptoms.

Concerning the treatment of diabetes itself, reiki or healing treatments for the pancreas may restore blood flow and metabolism, revitalize the pancreas and restore it to normal functioning. I recommend to anyone with diabetes treatment of this type in parallel with medication while monitoring the blood sugar level, and if there is an improvement in pancreas function, reduce the use of external insulin accordingly. You may be surprised!

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