Uneasy birth

By: Eyal Cohen, Healer, and author of the book series “Things You Won’t Hear From Your Doctor”

Why do we suffer from labor pain?

Should the birth be painful? concerning the fact that it is not a disease, it is a purely natural process…

Disclosure: I never gave birth and my age – and as a male, it is likely that I never will either. My perception of the subject is based on the observation of nature.
According to the concepts in which we live, pain is a natural part of the birth process, but does it really have to be that way? Notice that the pains of birth characterize only mankind. All animals in nature are born as part of the natural activities, without pain – and without it being considered a project that requires special mental strength and preparations. Have you tried to wonder why?
Many of the women who are giving birth are in anxiety – and the truth is that they can be understood …

In the industrial culture in which we live, hospitals are industrialized, mechanical, fast, and works in the conveyor method, with not much regard to the physical and emotional situation and needs of the pregnant woman – and of the newborn.
Doctors who do not meet the burdens imposed by the system, often prefer to have a Cesarean section in order to end it as quickly as possible.

Hospital delivery rooms have become an industry based on calculations of cost and profit, on a tight schedule, and in high turnover – and in the reality of a fast economy, every second counts.

The pregnant woman is lying on a bed with her legs apart, and the pressure begins. For many minutes – and sometimes for hours – she gets medication for speeding up the process, and the midwife encourages her, shouting, “push,” “breath deeply,” and the poor mother sweats, breathes and exhales, until in many cases the pressure is so tense, that she also gives birth to hemorrhoids – and even gets a cut, in order to widen the opening of the vagina and allow the child a space through which he can emerge into the world. Afterward, the doctor sews it back, and the happy mother goes to her house with stitches limping for several days and suffers from pain and in many cases from trauma.

This is a significant reason that many of those who have had the experience of giving birth prefer a cesarean section at the second birth, and for a long time, they lose interest in sex and still live the pain and the physical crisis.

If the system approach was correct and allowing the mother to wait for a few hours – or even minutes without being stressed – her body would secrete the hormones and the birth would have passed without effort and pain, in a more correct and healthy way for her and the baby.

For the pain, the newborn is the fruit of his mother’s womb.

If we use the term “womb-fruit” which has become an idiom in the context of embryos and babies, we will go with this image a little, further to examine how the newborn and the mother are connected to the fruit and the tree.

Anyone who has experienced fruit picking knows that an unripe fruit is not easily separated from the tree. You have to use a lot of force to pick it from the tree – and in many cases, unintentionally, you tear off some of the branches on which it connected.

On the other hand, when the fruit is ripe, it leaves the tree easily, “without complications” and “without pain”. Even if it is not harvested proactively, at some point, when the fruit is ripe, it falls from the tree of its own accord and sets out to fulfill its destiny. This is exactly the way it should be during the birth process when it occurs without any constraints or inductions.

At the right time, when the baby is ready the body produces the hormones that soften the tissue and prepare all the organs for the baby to get out into the world in a natural and smooth way.
Removing the baby prematurely is tantamount to pulling the unripe fruit out of the tree.
In order to pass a smooth and experiential birth, the process should not be accelerated. Any artificial intervention that is not essential may be traumatic for the mother and for the newborn.

Cesarean sections are the major disasters of modern medicine. When surgery is essential for the survival of the mother or fetus, it is justified, but when it is made for convenience, it harms the mother’s hormonal system and may cause near-term health damage and more serious damage in the long run as a result of disruptions in the hormonal system. If this is not essential, do yourself a favor, give birth as nature did, and earn less pain and less trauma, and fewer hormonal disruptions.

When you live your life right who Needs an epidural…

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