Things You Won’t Hear From your Doctor

By : Eyal Cohen

Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor” – THE REVOLUTION STARTS HERE!
I wrote the book series “Things did not hear from your doctor” following powerful enlightenment that I experienced in 1993, which led to the formulation of a completely different concept of reality from the known and accepted. This concept, which I call “objective awareness”, examines life from the energetic aspect, that can explain almost anything in life.

This book series explains mysteries, hardships and many diseases that medicine cannot explain, because of the reason that they develop and exist as a result of a breach of energy balancing, from which science and medicine are systematically and deliberately ignore. This dimension, although it is not visible to the naked eye, is responsible for innumerable phenomena in our lives, and in fact, in terms of health and quality of life, is of great importance than the material in which we are focused.

As you will find in the “out of the box health tips” section, in the cases of diabetes, gum diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and other diseases, the medical establishment considers as “chronic,” “hereditary,” “auto-immune,” “causes unknown” or “psychosomatic,” and treats their symptoms with medications and invasive treatments for life.
The Book series “Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor” aims to shock your belief in the culture that you are a part of, in order to bring you a different truth about life!
The first book available for free reading in English at the moment, but it will be translated into other languages as soon as I will have the possibility to do it.

1. Things You Won’t Hear From Your Doctor, Part 1: “Zen and The Natural Cure for Gum Diseases” An introduction to objective awareness.

Receding of the gums and inflammation of the gums can be cured quite simply If you managed to open yourself up to a different way of thinking and behaving, from which you were conditioned. Besides a natural solution to the most common diseases in the world, this book is the first step in a spiritual journey that gradually developing your awareness of life.

The fact that gum disease affects the majority of the world’s population only goes to show how necessary is spiritual growth for us, for making basic changes in our worldview and lifestyle, in order to avoid suffer and keep our teeth in place.

2. Things You Won’t Hear From Your Doctor, Part 2: “The Essence of the Creation“.
The book “The essence of creation” which is the sequel in the book series “Things You Won’t Hear From your Doctor,” examines the energy of life in is more complex and higher resolution.

The highlight of the book is the chapter “The story of Genesis – only this time for real,” that for the first time brings a very clear explanation for the development of life, to the evolution of life and the motivation for life to exist, as a will of the energy to preserve itself and grow, while the material body is the tool for the processes of the energy, constitutes a secondary importance.

A person living in the world today looking to understand life has two main approaches; One is the religious attitude, which claims that God created life in the story of Genesis, and commanded man to control over everything – and the other one is the scientific approach, which claims that life is a sequence of random mutations, from a source that may have come from some comet or meteor.

The religious attitude is the main cause of the split, hatred, wars, destruction, suffer, misery and death among mankind.
The scientific approach that ignores the energy also does not give life the respect it deserves, allows energetic exploitation causes people serious health damage in a harmful lifestyle, and treats them with medications and amputations.

The book “The essence of creation,” brings a new approach to the development of life, that gives life the respect that it deserves.

This book reveals the body as an energetic entity and explains the organs that are producing, using and preserving energy. Each of these organs can be damaged because of energetic crisis, and start a disease that we would not understand, because of our blindness to the energetic dimension.

One of the most common diseases that this book examines is influenza, as a result of system collapse from the cold, with all its complications, as well as many other types of diseases and infections that can be avoided and naturally cured through taking responsibility – and changing our lifestyle, or with energetic support.

3. Things You Won’t Hear From Your Doctor, Part 3: “The Third Dimension“: Understanding the body and mind. How the brain with the nerves system in conjunction with the heart and the vascular system and the metabolism, work together to create the energy in sensation and thinking process, and why people suffer from diseases such as Diabetes (Pancreatic insufficiency,) Impotence, High blood pressure, Migraine, Balding, and many more health problems and issues.

If this book series will ever be recognized, its contribution to mankind could be immense.
The word “Doctor” which I used in the title of the series isn’t necessarily directed to a Medical Doctor in particular. I use it to illustrate our mental dependence on the authority we have been conditioned to believe in and follow blindly.

This project is the result of my own personal need to pass on the amazing information I received during my revelation, in the belief and great hope that by understanding the concepts of objective awareness and the energy aspect, you will also choose a healthier lifestyle and, together, we can create a healthier and happier world.

Eyal Cohen

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