The truth about painkillers

By : Eyal cohen 

Many studies on painkilling drugs have shown a link between their use and health damages such as hearing problems, miscarriages, liver damage, kidney damage, stomach damage, and even death, but regardless of the known and considered health damages, there is an aspect that the conventional concept disregards, that explains how the use of painkillers leads to chronic pain, joint replacements, torn tendons, and many other acute problems.

Quite often, when people suffer from pain, they choose to take a painkiller such as aspirin or paracetamol (Acamol, etc.) in order to function normally, but before you are going for the pills, be aware that pain is the symptom and not the disease that we need to cure, and treating the symptoms can have few unwanted implications.

In order to avoid health damage, we must understand the nature of the pain. The body talks to us by using sensations – and sometimes it’s telling us some very important things that we need to be aware of, even if it is not comfortable…

The pain is a sensation with a scale of levels that informs us, how urgent it is for the tissue to rest and recuperate, and warns us to reduce pressure from the painful tissues, in order to prevent deterioration and worsening the trauma.
The pain is, in fact, a protective mechanism, for preventing damage from tissues that needs a healing process.

When you are using painkillers to deaden the pain, you are preventing your consciousness from getting the message that the tissue is trying to send, in order for you to react by reducing pressure. This way you keep the pressure on these tissues that will impair and erode, resulting in ever worsening wear and tear. The more the situation worsens, the stronger pain killers you will need until the tissues get eroded to a level that the painkillers will not help any more, and you will suffer from agonizing pain and limited mobility and need an amputation or go through joint replacement using titanium or alternative implants.

In practice, a large part of the enormous joint implants industry owes its existence to lack of understanding the implications – and the misuse of painkillers.

To overcome the pain through natural means, first, we must understand it’s essence. Pain is a result of trauma that causes disruption of the blood flow and puts the whole area in distress.

Never resist the pain or try to get used to it. When you feel pain, rest is the best cure to allow the body to recuperate.

As a therapist I have seen countless cases that normal person would define “Miracles,” including the healing of cartilage erosion, inflammations, joint pain, and even cancer, in cases of any kind of pain, I recommend wholeheartedly to try reiki treatments, before turning to invasive and toxic solutions offered by modern medicine.

Just as painkillers, Reiki therapy significantly reduces pain, and in most cases eliminates it, but the huge difference is that the pain relief in reiki therapy is a direct result of the body’s healing process.

Unlike painkillers that numb the body, reiki treatments support and strengthens the body, and allows it to rehabilitate at an amazing speed, and in any case, it cannot damage, so it should have priority.


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Find those helpful tips – as well as many others which can improve your life quality, in the book series “Things you won’t hear from your Doctor” – by Eyal Cohen

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