The essence of creation

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Summary of the book “The secrets of Creation,” published in November 2004

By: Eyal Cohen

Table of Contents


The invisible balance

Heat as the super component life

The story of creation – but this time for real.

Life is on fire…

Metabolism or energy exchange…

Energy works

Do we glow?

External temperature effects on the body’s pattern of energy – and its function
The homeostasis systems

The Flu Virus – Is there really such a thing…?

The Snot

The heat rises

The body as a collection of mechanisms

The body as a collection of materials that aim to the conservation of energy

It is recommended to proceed reading gradually and orderly to see the completed picture.

Chapter One: Introduction

Dear Reader,

After we discussed the phenomenon of gum diseases as a result of a gross violation of the heat balance in the opening book in the series ‘Things You Won’t Hear From your Doctor’, at this stage we will examine the more subtle levels of the body’s energy balance, understand their meaning and diseases and health disorders as a result of their violations.

Systematic disregard from the energy as an essential component for life by science and medicine leads to a normal consciousness that is unaware to the Consequences of violations of the energy balance. As a result, we ignore our body’s signals of distress in these aspects – and we cannot understand the symptoms and many different diseases that we suffer from.

In this book, we will learn to understand the reason for the winter diseases rise in popularity and severity as the human energy decreasing rapidly.

Unable to respond to the energy balance violations, particularly in the transitional seasons and cold seasons of the year, many people may suffer from the effect of complications, and functional problems resulting from joint pain, muscles, tendons, cartilage – and various dysfunctions which will be explained below.

Since the beginning of the industrial culture, increasing use of machinery led to a steady decline in physical activity level, causing weakening of the population in terms of energy, expressed in constant decline in testosterone. In addition, climatic changes disrupt the body’s delicate energy pattern and influence our hormones. These factors that violations of the energy balance rapidly becoming more extreme and the many diseases associated with them go and hit more severely and at a younger age. This combination of changes in our lifestyle and our environment is also why we develop different diseases that did not exist before.

In this section, we will understand clearly how the Flu every year increases proportions in an epidemic scale, gradually becomes a threat and danger to human life until it threatens to destroy the health care system, while no one understands it.

We will understand its causes, its development, its symptoms – and its complications, as a result of system collapse due to a breach of the energy balance, despite insisting industrial health system to educate us to believe that it is the result of a virus attack.

We shall discuss ways to avoid the flu and recover it using the energetic compensation and maintaining energy balance, without the use of medication, drugs and toxins, and without interfere the natural bodywork that causing degeneration and weakening of mechanisms, and poisoning certain tissues – and in the long term, undermine the body strength, making it more vulnerable and sensitive.

The medical establishment, interested in maximizing the selling of drugs and medical treatments, will not let an enormous scale business to escape, and therefore, by authorities that educate us to ignore, mock and suppress the energetic aspect, they meticulously design the collective consciousness to refer only the physical aspect of life and to treat to the body in terms of materials. Thus effectively ‘educated normal person’ engine from understanding many different diseases which evolve due to energetic imbalance, or get cured efficiently with an energetic treatment. In the medical terminology these diseases vaguely defined as “autoimmune”/ “viral” / “inherited” / “for unknown reasons” / “blow of fate” or “- an inevitable part of life” – forcing the sufferers to take drugs and medicines, which in most cases their damages exceed their benefits, and if possible, it is always preferable to manage without. Lack of awareness of the energetic aspect of life is the cause of the fact that this kind of diseases hit on the scale of epidemics, causing deaths and suffering.

Although you’ll find here a lot of valuable information, unfortunately, I cannot relate in this site to all the aspects of the energy balance violations, because the media is not appropriate to delve into such large quantities of information that is so different from the conventional approach.

If you will be interested to deepen your understanding of the topics discussed here, you will find the information in the book of “The essence of creation”, whenever it will be published.

Chapter Two: The invisible element

In the absence of weight, shape, taste, and smell, the heat element of life is easy to ignore by the scientific and medical establishment.

We are educated to refer to the body in the materialistic aspect, up to the resolution of molecules and atoms that their balance and their relationship must be meticulously maintained for the entire system to function in a healthy state. We have a list of all the materials in the body and all the materials that the body needs, to be considered healthy…

Therefore, when we get a health problem, we automatically refer to it as a virus or bacteria attack – or lack of a certain material such as calcium, iron, sugar, magnesium, copper, minerals, vitamins, oxidants/antioxidants – and numerous additional balances. Accordingly, we rush to find the solution in the material world, drug therapies, minerals, vitamins, proteins and various other supplements.

Apart from the material aspect – important in itself, it is important to be aware that the body has a complex heat pattern that runs the energetic dimension throughout life.

Unlike the material world, in this issue, unfortunately, the resolution is problematic since we divide the range between the waters freezing point to the boiling point into a hundred degrees. In such a poor resolution we cannot see anything – or know anything about.

If, for example, we would divide the range between freezing and boiling water into thousand degrees, we would see very different things whats happening in the energetic aspect and understand countless issues clearly…

Allow me to expend this issue.

In the weather forecast, we usually hear Phrases in the spirit of “The temperatures are higher the normal”, but we cannot be aware to the meaning of the change because of the Celsius scale.

If we were to divided this range into thousand, we would get to see clear and understand processes that happening through the years, because we would see the precise curve of heat through the years.

Unaware to the fundamental cause for the lack of materials, while we tend to look for medicine or food supplements whenever we feel weak, in many cases the real reason to our weakness is energetic (emotional). Negative energies such as fear, shame, and despair make us weak and vulnerable, while love and hope give us incredible strength.

Apart from the material aspect – as important as it is, it is important to acknowledge the body’s complex temperature template that runs it in the energetic aspect for as long as we live.

The human being is actually as an energetic creature in all aspects, powered by energy that it is totally disregarded by modern day science.

In fact, the balances within this energy template and its proper functioning influence the body’s metabolism and the composition of the materials, and so with energetic treatments, we can balance our materials and cure many diseases that enslave many people.

In certain energetic situations, we may suffer from the lack of substances such as iron, iodine or insulin, but it doesn’t mean that if we consume this material, our body will be back to function well. Furthermore, consuming these materials could damage the body’s mechanisms and in certain cases cause atrophy.

In this case, the key for the healing is energetic, and energetic chances or treatment may enable the body to absorb or to produce these materials needed for its proper functioning.

We use energy for controlling and manipulating people – as well as to other living beings, and materials.

All matter in the universe – with its unique texture and characteristics, exists due to the amount of energy present in it.

For example, the Iron in the natural environment as we know is a solid and hard material, but if we raise the level of energy (heat), the Iron soften and become fluid and later as we add energy while the temperature goes up, it becomes a gas. Characteristics of every substance and material will vary depending on the amount of energy present in it.

This rule works exactly the same for human material. Any change in the amount of energy in it will lead to changes in his qualities and his behavior.

Through the use of energy, we gain control of features of different materials, whether cooking or preserving food, we use heating and cooling in numerous chemical processes.

Unlike simple materials, that preserve their natural properties within a relatively wide temperature range, living matter – especially the gentle human body, must maintain a defined and precise amount of countless energy balances in a narrow range, in order to be preserved and function.

Significant changes in the amount of energy in the human body will change the behavior of the material; the first stage will be reflected severe functional problems that we consider as functional problems. At a later stage, these conditions can easily end up living, although in nature terms the change in temperature may be considered infinitesimal. Just as the breach of the balance of any substance in the body cause disease, we also should be aware that when it comes to balancing the heat, significant violation as will be accompanied by problems of functional aspects, and may result in what we define ‘disease’.

Unlike the components of the material body, that needs a relatively long period of time to upset the balance, when it comes to heat, the body does not maintain reserves. Heat balance of the body depends on the changes taking place in real time environment and efficiently functioning of mechanisms that product, regulate and conserve the energy in the body, and of course, how you protect yourself with the right suits: clothes, blankets etc…

According to changes in ambient temperature, heat balance may be disturbed in seconds – perfectly balanced mode (no sensation or comfortable), into a state of lack of heat – or cold (hypothermal) or a state of overheat (hyperthermia).

Any breach in the heat balance of the body causing an automatic involuntary balance activation of the body’s regulatory mechanisms. Breach of the heat balance in the negative direction, activates energy conservation mechanisms operate as body hair-raising (goosebumps – aims to preserve the warm air around the body), and energy production mechanisms such as vibration, teeth clicks, etc. Breach of the heat balance in the positive direction, activate energy balance mechanisms such as sweating, designed to cool the blood and help the body get rid of excess heat, or heating the skin to reduce the heat absorption by the body by reducing the heat cascade from the environment.

The sense of comfort that we feel when body heat is balanced, results from the respite of the energy balance mechanisms.


Doctor, I got the cold… Could it be a virus???

With regard to the way that we are educated to refer to the heat balance of the body, not only science and medicine do not attach significance of preserving it, numerous programs in the media; seem Doctors fight to convince interviewers and the publica, that heat loss (cooling) does not cause adverse health effects. According to the common approach, the origin of the flu during the cold seasons is a virus that immigrants from one cold place to another. Secondary damage caused by cooling, such as pneumonia, meningitis, myocarditis, and many other diseases are explained as a complication of the flu virus.

As you are about to understand from my point of view, unlike a virus, the flu is body system collapse that begins with heat loss, and then, depending on the organs that are more exposed and more susceptible to the heat loss, might get complicated. As the blood vessels extract due to the cold, the blood system fails to provide an effective defense against intruders, bacteria take control and creates infection… At this point, the body raises the heat as a mechanism to fight the bacteria and we suffer from weakness and dysfunction. If this evolves in crucial tissues like the brain membrane, the Heart membrane, the throat, the Lung, it might end dramatically. If after reading the book introduction “Things you won’t hear from your Doctor” – The natural cure to gum diseases, you still wonder why doctors are fighting for the assimilation of the conventional approach, there are many and different reasons. It is important to understand the consciousness of the physician and medical and political establishment approach are firmly shaped by the information tested and proven in scientific studies that are initiated by economics powers in purpose to make money.

Since Medical studies funded by medicines and pharmaceutical products industrialists and manufacturers for the purpose of making profits, in many cases the study is oriented to prove a certain assumption so that research results must justify the manufacture and marketing of the product. Accordingly, we as the public are lead to see the situation in a very narrow aspect.

In fact, economic interest causes us to ignore a whole world of diseases and distress emerging following a breach of the heat balance that does not get any reference from scientific factors, despite some cause permanent damage and misery; as a result many people suffer from various disabilities pain and severe functional limitations, and some terminally.

Let’s face it. The energetic aspect is not very good for business. Also companies that manufacture furnaces and air conditioning, has no interest and feasibility of investing the huge funds needed for scientific research about the body heat, because you cannot patent heating… A day after the research conclusions coming out to the public, although it may be recognized as a revolution of ideas, but immediately arise many other companies to manufacture air conditioners, heaters – and various means to preserve heat balance, take advantage of the study conclusions, and drain of the initiators investment in the research.

Due to the systematic oppression of the importance of energy balance by the establishment, the public, fed by information disseminated in the media, is not aware of – and certainly not enough for maintaining the heat balance, which is the most important balance for a proper functioning of all the mechanisms of the body!

Although the institutional disregard, the fact that one degree above or below the normal range of body temperature makes us sick, function in all respects hurt, a reasonable person cannot ignore the significance of a balanced body temperature to a normal existence.

3. Heat as the super component of life

More than eighty percent of the food we eat is used by the body for heat manufacturing.

Besides, this is also the most important product of our body’s systems.

As you progress in reading this series, you’ll understand how violations of the energy balance affect the body – and cause many different phenomenon and diseases in ways that are not recognized by the establishment. From the rough stages of violation that causes gum disease, through flu and infections, to the delicate aspects of thinking and emotions, the body acts and functions as an energy template, which partners the brain with the nervous system, and the body’s energetic mechanisms such as the pancreas, lungs, the Cardiovascular system (heart and the veins), stomach, and many others that are a part of the body’s energy management.

Despite the constant internal combustion taking place in the body does not receive significant attention from the medical and science, for thousands of years spiritual doctrines defined the energy as the fire foundation of the of life.

Once it’s ended, life ends.

The Sixth Sense

Sensory system of the human body contains different types of sensors, intended to enable a person to identify various objects in the environment and respond to them, so that they could exploit if to the existence – or, alternatively, avoid harmful elements from the hazards associated with them. Each type of sensor transmits a message through nerve cells to the brain, which is the central nervous system. The brain receives the information and response by a data processing operation that produces the decision how to deal with the source so that every creature can and pass his life with minimum vulnerability.

One; The sense of smell: Nasal nerves that sense odors

Two; The sense of taste: Taste buds on the tongue are connected to nerve cells that transmit taste and flavors

Three; The sense of touch: Nerve cells of the skin, feel the texture and pressure

Four; Sense of sight: Retinal neurons in the eyes feel light rays

Five; Sense of hearing: Nerve cells in the ears pick up the air vibrations that are translated to sound

And the most important sense that is systematically ignored…):

Six; Sense of energy:

Nerve cells in the entire body feel the heat and inform the central nervous system about the energy level that affects the body. This alerts certain mechanisms to work in order to balance temperature drop and to heat load of the environment and the various factors that affect the energy balance of the body.

Ironic that the heat balance – which is the most important balance in the body and the basis around which were life, and all other balances are designed to actually hold and maintain it, systematically oppressed by the culture of the modern man.

To understand the development of life around a core of energy, read the next chapter…
Do not forget to take a deep breath every once in a while.

The aspiration to Burn – Basic of Life!

Every substance has a temperature that in it, it will start burning.

If we take a lit candle and measure the temperature in the flame – which is the core of the heat, we will find that the temperature is within the range which we call “Aspiration to burning range” of the candles oil.

To keep burning efficiently in the correct temperature, the candle’s flame collects oxygen from the air, and oil – or melted wax as fuel from the candle, creating a chemical reaction that oxidizes the oil and generates the heat necessary for its continued existence.

If we try to damage the components of fire, either by reducing the temperature of the environment in which it exists – or by diluting the supply of oxygen or oil, which are the raw materials it needs to exist, the flame will fade away while sending flames, in order to “try” to collect oxygen that will enable it to retain the heat required for continued existence – of “life”.

The fire’s temperature in the candle must be maintained in a narrow range in order to keep the metabolic process as effectively and continuously.

As the temperature rises beyond the desire for optimum combustion, the flame would be at a higher intensity – and eliminate its resources more quickly.

This basic desire to preserve steady heat while “effort” to gather resources – and sometimes even passing through obstacles, we refer to here as “The intelligence of combustion”. This is the key to understanding life as an energetic entity in all the aspects.

Every material has the unique temperature range, where it sustains combustion (continuous connection with oxygen). The aspiration to combustion causes oxidation process to take place continuously, and strive to continue as long as the necessary resources are in the vicinity of its existence.

Some oxidation processes are fast, as in cases of explosion or fire, and some may take years in low temperatures such as rust. Life is somewhere in-between…

4. The story of Genesis – and this time for real.

Each perspective about the existence of life must begin in Axiom (improvable hypothesis), since we cannot explain the initial state of the Universe.

Our theory in understanding life begins after the first day of creation, when we assume that between billions of galaxies in space, somewhere there is a solar system (one of countless) and a sun that distributes light and heat energy, and among the planets orbiting it, there is one that absorbs radiation to such an extent that the temperature which allows the existence of liquid water, which is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen.

At this point, you may ask yourself who created those planets and solar systems, but then again, if you are religious, you should ask if before god created the universe there was nothing, what creates God??? Where did God come from…

Even if we want to rely on the divine assumption like most of the world’s population, we must explain the origin of God – which in itself is an axiom that our culture relies on.

So at this point, we will leave this issue aside and focus on things that we can understand and they give us a clear view on life…

If you are ready to confront with approach about life that is different than what you were educated, you will find here the missing link in the Evolution theory that makes it reasonable…

The fact that every living cell is filled with water in which the processes of life are happening, leads to understanding and necessary conclusion, that life began the formation and development in water – and they actually exist in the water today in the land, in the air, and in the water.

Somewhere in the oceans – and hot springs flowed billions of years ago on sunny Earth, different temperatures in the different regions caused the different minerals and materials that are dissolved in the water and oxygen in the water, being in a state of desire combustion.

Like the flame of the candle is struggling to collect the raw materials necessary for the continuation of the burning, some of the substances dissolved in water in different areas, continue collecting materials and oxygen to preserve their heat, from the aspire to preserve the burning.

Millions of years of evolution and relatively stable temperature, allow various substances found in the environment, the development of different types of heat preserving molecules. Complex molecules used simpler molecules to streamline and improve the metabolism, to control the amount of oxidation – and the continuity and stability of their burning.

Countless years of existence of the materials in an aqueous environment with warm sun, let the process continue development in numerous ways and variations. Successful materials survived and evolved – and those less successful, are extinct. Influenced by the continuing aspiration of any material to maintain the combustion, the molecules and atoms in various materials annexed surroundings developed molecular mechanisms that improve oxidative stability and efficiency of heat retention. To control the combustion stability, materials formed molecules called ‘catalysts’ or’ enzymes, whose function speed up or slow down and delay the combustion, depending on the level of activity and temperature of the environment.

Many mechanisms are formed in a symbiotic relationship developed between molecules * and simpler to create complex structures and more sophisticated, optimize the combustion regulation – the stability and duration.

In the constant development race, developed molecules succeed creating a membrane that is a mechanism wraps around them, in order to reduce the effect of ambient temperature changes on the internal combustion processes, and conserve energy more efficiently.

At this stage of development, the first living cells created. Cells that maintain internal burning using the environment to keep the burning steady, by consuming materials that could be oxidized in order to generate the required heat.

An environment that allowed the continuous process of development of life, thanks to a stable climate and many waters, as the number of types of molecules and prospered organic material enriched environment, you can add molecules to develop energy sources as found higher among the materials found in the environment.

Due to the fact that ‘conflagration over or lowering temperature can damage the complex structures of the molecule developed or disruptions in combustion as well as decay that might lead to the combustion end, in the development race, the molecules formed different types of heat and cold sensors, responsible for each reaction run sense to keep the energetic balance. We refer to those mechanisms as the “neurons” – or “nervous system”.

The developed nervous system in the human body, is a testament to the complexity, sensitivity – and the high capacity of the human body mechanisms developed over millions of years, feel the energies – we are shaped by science not to give them meaning.

The race of the molecules energy exploitation of the environment for improving combustion – as countless years ago, continues in effect to this day. Man – is the molecule to preserve heat, it’s the highest level of sophistication and complexity in the developmental process of the materials on the planet. As billions of years ago, even today, we breathe oxygen in order to connect it with fats, sugars and carbs, in order to maintain the combustion generating the body heat, which must be preserved for maximum accuracy to the body, can function optimally.

Urge to breed and to reproduce, though it stems from the desire of every living thing – as well as a man, to preserve his energy – and see it reflected in the offspring.

* Symbiotic = coexistence with mutual benefit.

 Cosmos, the plants are known as primary energy producers. Using the solar energy, carbon dioxide – carbon from the air and water from the ground, they produce fuels such as sugar, starch, oils – and other types of carbohydrates.

Plants are using water, minerals – and various organic components of the soil, to create a template in which they have the energy pattern and combustion processes.

From plants, which are abundant almost everywhere where there are sun and water, the energy moving in the form of carbohydrates more developed creatures in the metabolic aspect. These convert the energy into a higher protein level, and at the time utilized by animals higher energy level, to convert the energy to fit them.

Solid waste consisting of animal, feeding the plants and simple animals, drive the wheel of life.

Gases that animal emit, nourishing the plants, that creates the oxygen, used by the animals.

 Death, returning the animals to enter the land, and enhancing it for another cycle of energy exchange.

That is being spiral development energy of the planet earth, when from the simplest life forms, all alive and all plants are part of giant metabolism, which is building the foundations of fabric energy of planet Earth during development resulted in the creation of complex life forms most elegant known to us today.

5. Life is burning…

The term “combustion”, may lead to understanding, and mislead those who understand the process.

Combustion process – as we define is the process in which heat is generated while connecting various substances with oxygen (oxidation).

The fire we know, accompanied by flames and smoke, generated when the appropriate conditions, different materials are going through a chemical reaction that connects them with oxygen at a high speed. In the combustion process, heat is created and waste : ash and smoke.

Combustion does not have to happen the way that we are used to seeing it, accompanied by flames or smoke plumes. Combustion can be low intensity occurring process, the long period of time.

For example: rust – that is created in the process of oxidation of iron, is a process of slow combustion, which may take many years in a low level of energy, in a reaction between the iron – and oxygen around it. This combustion also generates heat, although at a level that we cannot feel our senses.

As in the case of rust, combustion may occur also in water. Although it is a slow combustion, metals and many materials undergo rapid oxidation combustion process.

On the other side, there are cases in which the combustion is very rapid, as in the example of the explosion.

Here, the combustion occurs rapidly and is accompanied by a very rapid burst of fire – and release a large amount of heat, blast the air – and produces vibrations that create the volume of sound waves that we hear in the combustion (explosion).

Need desire combustion temperature combustion in order to maintain a stable, is also reflected internal combustion engines. This is why a car engine needs heat to work effectively.

When the vehicle engine is not hot, it tends to work instability – and shuts down under seemingly little effort.

The reason for this is that when the engine is cold, the temperature which does not allow the chemical reaction between oxygen molecules and hydrocarbon fuel, occur effectively.

As the engine warms up, the temperature rises and the reaction between the components of the mixture and oxygen easily possible. Therefore, the motor becomes smooth and efficient. In principle, if the engine is hot enough, we do not need the spark to ignite the mixture, as it will ignite spontaneously.

The constant controlled combustion process that occurs in water in every cell of the body in the reaction between the carbohydrates and oxygen, creating body heat.

The waste of the body’s combustion is feces, which is the equivalent to the coal – and the gas carbon dioxide emitted when exhaling, which is equivalent to the smoke.

Combustion taking place in the body throughout life, constantly controlled by catalysts (enzymes – Catalysts and various inhibitors), which the body uses to control the combustion process under the provisions of the nervous system.

These measures allow the body to produce the amount of energy it needs for survival, and the energy required to perform its variety of functions. Energy and raw materials for the production of heat, transported with the blood flow through the cardiovascular system and blood vessels (cardiovascular system – and vascular), any tissue in the body – by functions and needs.

If we treat all forms of life on earth energies, the condition and the cause of elementary and necessary existence is the greenhouse environment, and the accuracy and stability of the temperatures prevailing on the planet, that satisfy the ambition of nature combustion efficiency. This is also the creative impulse given by the star life – and its development.

7. Or metabolic energy metabolism

We are designed to relate to the metabolism as the motive of life, when in fact, life is a constant exchange of energy with the environment.

Metabolism is essentially designed to serve the spare energy.

We use the energies of the environment, in order to produce energy and to exercise daily life. This realization is reflected in any type of activity, whether it be physical, sensory or mental.

Despite the tremendous importance of the energy that exists around the normal ambient temperature – essential to the existence of life, then we can feed off this energy. The body must rely on mechanisms regulating production of heat, while maintaining the temperature level required for survival and for many functions.

The food we eat and the oxygen we breathe are the sources of energy that the body needs, and it is able to exploit to generate the heat – balance and level required for the existence of a huge variety of functions. These materials will be considered the primary energy source of all living beings, and as it developed in terms of energy, quality critical to energy production required for a healthy and normal.

Food quality and air quality are actually the fuel’s octane man – like any other animal. The high-quality and less polluted, the body can generate more clean energy.

However, it is important to understand not eating enough quality food, and breathing air, to produce the energy needed for growth, maintenance – and for the activity of the body’s complex energy. Transforming raw materials into energy, a process dependent on physical activity and brain we have. Each activity has metabolism, in large part is actually spare fuels heat (more than eighty percent of the food we eat are used by the body to produce heat).

The food we eat, the stomach breaks down the digestive process separated into its components and utilized by the body different needs.

Proteins and minerals are used in the body building materials, while carbohydrates and fats, which are the organic compounds based on carbon atoms, are used as fuel for the body, allowing it to produce a constant temperature combustion process that occurs in body cells.

The food contains more carbohydrates and/or fats, the body is able to derive a greater amount of heat. Thus, it is set to a higher heating value. If we do not have food oxidation activity while producing energy, the body converts the excess food into fat, which is potential energy – mainly accumulated energy textures need to create a response under stress.

Basic metabolism (BASAL METABOLISM), is that the body has to basic functions, under conditions where we do activities and are at a comfortable temperature.

As the level of activity (sensory or motor) of the body increases, we use the best food and more oxygen for energy production and energy metabolism process accelerated and occurs at a higher level.

8. The energy works

Beyond the role of the heart and blood vessels, as a system for transporting raw materials and waste disposal for building and maintaining the body, we find that this system has no means a lesser role, conduction, and regulation – and balance the body’s energies.

By controlling the rate of metabolism, the contraction heart – and diameter of blood vessels on the extensive and complicated blood vessels found in all textures of the body, the nervous system controls, coordinates – and runs in real time the energy needed to any part or organ of the body, to function, feelings and actions .

This system is organized by the energy pattern of the body and is responsible for maintaining harmony (balance right) of the energy among all the organs of the body at any given time.

This harmony must exist for maintaining good health function – as well as mental balance. Any defect in harmony, expressed more or deficient in a certain area in the heat of the body, it has to point to a physical problem / mental/spiritual / may be expressed as disease and dysfunction, pain, deficits, and other symptoms.