Our Music

Eyal and Gila Cohen ; Its alive. and we let the music speak for itself !
Gila and Eyal Cohen, a husband and a wife perform a unique musical duet, turning every event to a quality experience in a family atmosphere!
We are specialized in Ambience music, sing along, karaoke, dance music and events off unique musical content.

A great combination of natural voices and virtual band which plays just about anything – creates the perfect musical team, with style. (Even Aunt Clara won’t find a reason to complain… (:

Our expertise:

  • Live music at a Reception in a cocktail atmosphere
  • Birthday parties, anniversaries, presentations
  • Bar/Bat Mitzva, Brit Mila or Brita, Weddings and more…

Our Live music will complement every party, whether it is at your home, in a restaurant, club, or banquet hall.We offer plenty of all-time songs and musical styles with a personal touch – produced in the highest quality for live performance.
Atmosphere music with the classic pop songs, dance music, a variety of 60s, 70s and 80s, Israeli folk songs and rock, Middle Eastern oriental music – all performed in elegance and grace.
We work with an exclusive technology that plays the music live digitally, that is taken from the world of music production and recording studios.
We have the largest repertoire of Israeli songs that you can find, as well as a vest repertoire of international songs. Special Live Karaoke in various languages such as Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Yemenite, Moroccan, Greek and more…
Feel free to roam and tour our site and examine the wide range of possibilities that we have to offer.

Download the Israeli reprtoire /Download English repertoire

All the songs lyrics are displayed in real time, perfectly synchronised on a wide screen throughout the live performance, enables the guests to join naturally in a family atmosphere.
For people who cannot read Hebrew, we have prepared a special repertoire of Israeli classic and folk songs, with the Hebrew subtitles written in Latin letters.
Compact and high quality sound system, providing a deep, clean, rich and balanced sound.

For further details, pictures and information, view our Hebrew website
A short video that show how we make the music and how does the system works:

A sing along night in Tel Aviv at the “Friends bar”

Let us color your occasion. We guarantee satisfaction.
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