Objective Awareness

My name is Eyal Cohen, and I am a healer and a guru from Israel.

until 1993 I was a so called “a normal person;” I visited my Doctor every time I had a health problem, and I believed every research about health that was published.

You might say that I thought as I was supposed to think, but it would be more correct to say “I didn’t think – as I was supposed not to think,” because the establishment has all the knowledge that you need and you are not supposed to have thoughts of your own.

In 1993, I managed to discover the processes of the gum diseases, and cure myself in a systematic way from severe situation of receding gums, in a way which the medical establishment and the media completely ignores.

The confrontation with the fact that no authority is interested in examining the information from my recovery in order to help other people who are suffering from these diseases, made me lose all faith in our culture’s systems and establishments.

Consequently, I experienced a powerful enlightenment, that made me do what seemed impossible for a seemingly normal person. I started to think for myself, and developed a whole theory about life, that I call “Objective Awareness”, which is mostly about understanding life and health from the energetic aspect, up to the highest resolution of the creation of life and the meaning of life.

Objective awareness is a way of understanding life without being manipulated by the powers that we are conditioned to follow blindly, which are motivated by mostly political, industrial, financial, religious – and other interests that control people’s minds and behavior.

With our carefully designed cultural perception and norms, you should not have independence thoughts. If you have those annoying thoughts, you quickly discover that you shunned by society, that suppresses unaccepted ideas, and even your closest friends and family turn their back on you, and won’t talk with you about your different ideas.

Although our civilization is so advanced, the real criterion that determines whether we are successful, is our health and our welfare. The fact that environmental genetic diseases as cancer – and energetic diseases such as diabetes, lupus, psoriasis, crohn’s disease, asthma, fibromyalgia, heart diseases and many others are becoming prevalent up too the scale of an epidemic, indicates that we are not so successful after all, and that something is distorted in the basis of this civilization and in its philosophy, that causes suffer to man and to the environment.

If we new how to live a balanced life in the energetic aspect, these diseases would not exist, or would be on a negligible scale, but in our society, which tramples any possible balance, they are causing suffering and death to too many people.

Like the gum diseases, these diseases can be prevented and cured with energetic treatments that support and empower the body, and enhance its curing ability.

The problem is that according to the accepted perception, our civilization that is not aware of the causes of the diseases, can exploit people’s energy without feeling guilt and without pangs of conscience, without being accused of anything or having to take responsibility to the rising of these diseases.

The second book in the series, which is called “The Essence of Creation“, was released in Israel in November 2007, takes the understanding of energy deeper, and explains the develop of live as a will of energy to preserve and develope, and the body as an energetic entity with all its aspects.

I believe that spreading this information is the only way that could lead to a significant improvement in quality of life of the individual – and considerably reduce the enormous burden on the health system, and society as a whole.