Do not forget to breathe

Friends, I ask you to yawn deeply now.

Yawn is not only breathing enhancer as many may think.
Yawn relieves stress, lower blood pressure, prevent many diseases – and can even prevent death due to cardiac arrest or asthma.

Yawn is a stretching mechanism that expanding blood vessels and improving blood flow and injecting energy in the tissues that need it in distressed situations.
Yawn before any challenging activity that you do, and you will do it better.

Our culture considered yawn to be impolite and associated it with all sorts of negative connotations such as boredom and fatigue, and in fact, suppressed it.
As a result, many people lost the ability to yawn and we lose an important tool in maintaining our health. We hardly yawn, and the body that lives in constant stress and anxious develops quite a few ailments that could be prevented.
Yawn as much as you can while there is no tax on it…


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