Natural Cure to the Gum Diseases

uring gum disease in a natural and easy way is now within your reach!!!

If you suffer from inflammation of the gums or receding gums, this book will guide you through the only way to a natural cure!

The first step on the path to healing is to understand the cause of the disease and the way it affects our body’s tissues.

By explaining the REAL reason and the course of the disease, this book will set you on the precise path to reclaim your oral health naturally with no costs, no suffering, and no medical intervention. 

Receding gums and inflammation of the gums (Pyorrhea) are the most prevalent diseases of humankind and the major causes of teeth loss. However, the good news is that they can prevented and cured easily, naturally, with the right understanding and behavior.

To understand gum diseases, we need to acknowledge that life exists in two dimensions.

The Materialistic dimension that science and modern medicine focus on and the Energetic dimension that science and modern medicine ignore due to the lack of economic value and interest, although concerning our health and well-being, this dimension is much more significant. 

Our basic premises are:

  • Our body does not want to be sick and works hard constantly to heal itself.
  • Disease is a condition imposed upon the body by various behavioral or environmental factors.
  • Once we understand the cause of the disease and how it impacts our health, we can avoid it, thus allowing the body to embark on its natural rehabilitation process.

“Zen and the Natural Cure for Gum Diseases

This book explains the development of gum disease simply and thoroughly as the consequence of the most extreme energy imbalance we encounter daily!

This new information will give you a clear understanding of which of your daily habits lead to gum disease and how these processes work so that you can easily modify those habits to stop gum disease in its tracks and reverse the process.

 Following this book meticulously will show you amazing results WITHIN DAYS, even if your teeth are wobbling and it seems hopeless!

In fact, the method in Zen and the Natural Cure for Gum Diseases” is the ONLY way to prevent and naturally cure gum diseases FOR LIFE and avoid 

  • suffering
  • Periodontal treatments and other medical interventions
  • Expensive surgeries 
  • Huge costs
  • Damage to your quality of life
  • This method works at any stage of the disease

“Zen and the Natural Cure for Gum Diseases” is an “enlightenment” book, as it takes the reader through a spiritual journey that is, in fact, a life-changing experience. You will learn how simple but important lifestyle changes change a disease’s course from an ongoing deterioration into a natural rehabilitation process. 

“Zen and the Natural Cure for Gum Diseases” is not a stand-alone” book. It opens a book series called “Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor,” which examines the energetic aspects of life and changes everything we know about life and health. 

The energetic aspect of life can explain many phenomena that the materialistic perspective of conventional medicine cannot understand and, therefore, cannot explain or cure.

The scientific and medical establishment, which systematically ignores the energetic aspect of life, considers diseases that evolve due to energetic imbalance as autoimmune,” viral,” hereditary (genetic),” chronic,” Idiopathic”

and with other dead-end definitions, claiming that the suffering is inevitable and that the only way to treat them is through medications or surgeries.

The book series “Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor” challenges the system’s approach by explaining how these diseases evolve due to energetic imbalance, distress, and suffocation. This basic principle makes it intuitive how important it is to maintain the energy balance in the body to prevent suffering and how we can use energetic support for healing diseases fast and efficiently, with no side effects or any damage whatsoever.

If you find the information in this book helpful, please be kind enough to pass on this valuable information to other people who also suffer from gum disease by giving it five stars and writing an encouraging review to help others make the right decision that will avoid needless suffering, and prevent the decline in their quality of life.

Although the book series “Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor” is a revolution in the way we understand life, I chose to open it with this book about gum disease for the following reasons:

• The fact that people will not accept information that comes from outside of a scientific authority that they are conditioned to believe in and trust made me start my journey to heal the world with the understanding of diseases that are a common denominator for most of the population, hoping that preventing suffering, surgeries, tooth loss, transplants, the huge expenses, will allow me to reach as many people as possible.

• Gum diseases develop due to the most extreme violation of energy balance that the body encounters in our everyday lives. Therefore, among the energetic diseases, they are the clearest, easiest to understand, and most suitable to start the journey with.

• To illustrate our lack of awareness of the importance of maintaining the energy balance in order for the various body tissues to exist in a healthy state and functionality.

 • To demonstrate how our cultural habits and customs can damage our health and cause suffering from diseases without us having the ability to make the right connections. 

 • Understanding these diseases and curing them by taking responsibility and making changes in the way we live is very important to prevent many other diseases. It will enable a healthier, happier, more meaningful, true spiritual life. 

Assuming that the cost of oral rehabilitation treatments is at least one hundred thousand NIS, the first edition of this book, published in Israel in 1997 and sold more than 4500 copies, saved its readers more than four hundred million NIS (approximately 120,000,000 $). 

In this way, at least to the best of my knowledge, this is the health book that has saved its readers more money than any other book in the history of the human race, and if you follow it, I have no doubt that you will join the savers.

The book: “Zen and the Natural Cure for Gum Diseases” was written by Eyal Cohen, a healer from Israel and the first known man who ever managed to cure himself from a severe condition of receding gums.

The first edition was published in Israel in 1997, and ever since it has saved thousands of Israelis from the periodontal crisis, from pain/ surgeries/ losing teeth/ huge expenses, and serious decline in their lifestyle.

The book: “Zen and the Natural Cure for Gum Diseases” provides all the information that you need to understand gum diseases, and to be able to cure them naturally, thus avoiding surgeries/ bone loss/ tooth loss/ huge expenses/suffering, and living with confidence that you will never be a victim to these cruel diseases.

You should know, that in any stage of the disease – even if your teeth are loose and the Doctor says that there is a need to replace them, you can still keep them and avoid expensive and painful medical treatments, by making the required lifestyle changes that prevent the damage, and allows the body to initiate a natural powerful rehabilitation process.

Set yourself free of the most prevalent diseases in mankind, and help the information spread.

At the moment the book only exists in Hebrew and English. Still, I hope to be able to translate it into other languages as soon as possible, in order to help other people around the world to cure themselves and to live happier life.

After reading this book, the choice of whether to suffer from gum disease or to end suffering from these diseases for the rest of your life will be in your hands. following this book meticulously will give results even faster than you would believe.

Paying for the book will support my work and allow me to complete the following two books in the series “Thing You Won’t Hear From Your Doctor,” which is a true revolution concerning the way that we refer to life and health, and will explain countless health issues from the energetic aspect.

What is happening with the Book currently – Please watch!

Comments (2)

  • Patrick from Berlin Reply

    Dear Mr. Cohen!
    In a time where the old hasn´t yet left and the new is still on its arrival, people like You are very precious!
    I knew there had to be a way for cure of my gum decline, but how?!
    What made me find Your `gift` is maybe the same what made You find, but in a way that needed more suffering, more searching and more dedication; thank You for that!
    Thank You for making it so much easier for those to follow and preventing them from needless suffering!
    Wishing You the very best, also in finding perfect tools to spread Your gift!

    5 בMarch 2019 at 16:57
  • John, Los Angeles Reply

    Dear Eyal,

    I now can eat food using the affected tooth, and it is not that sensitive
    to cold water any more. It is unbelievable that such a simple solution
    can help so much, and the solution also makes so much sense. You are like
    Einstein, who can see simple things that other people just fail to see.
    A lot of Jewish scientists are like that: they discover things deep but
    simple, without heavy duty tools.

    I would be more than happy to write something on Chinese food: almost
    all the tasty foods and soups are hot, and we all drink hot tea.
    My own problem is that I drink hot tea at home, and then I drink hot
    coffee at work, and for me, the hotter, the better. I always believe that
    tea and coffee are healthy, but I fail to see that they are damaging
    my gum over a long period of time. I became particularly enthusiastic
    tea and coffee drinker five years ago.

    It is quite amazing that you are able to notice this. Indeed it is hard
    to see this point. People all pay attention to brushing teeth and gum,
    getting rid of bacteria etc.

    Thank you for saving me from pain and desperation. You are my healing
    angel. I hope your book will make more people benefit.

    At a certain point, I will send you another check as deposit for your
    other two books.


    5 בMarch 2019 at 17:02

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