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Eyal Cohen

Over the last few generations, our lifestyle has undergone countless changes.

These changes are the reason why certain tissues become less active, whereas other tissues suffer from overuse.

One of the organs suffering from overuse are the eyes. We use them in concentration from morning to night. Long hours of reading and learning, every day an endless seating before a computer screen, smartphones, tablets and many other occupations that require concentration and efforts to make your eyes straining far and beyond what in defined in the genetic code.

We know that in any organ that in effort or stress – blood vessels gradually shrink until we give it a rest that allows the stress to return to normal – and the eye is not an exception.

The vasoconstriction caused by the effort reduces blood flow is expressed in the fatigue the eye and the eye loses its flexibility and vision deteriorate over time.

Apart from the deterioration of vision, there are other phenomena that can be prevented by improving blood flow. Among them cataracts – or cloudiness of the eye, high blood pressure in the eyes, involuntary blinking (tics), myopia, and many other eyas problems that are the result of rising blood pressure in the eye.

In the long run, the results of over activities could be disastrous for the eyes and result in chronic diseases and even blindness.

If you want to prevent the destructive process, you may act to soothe the eyes, improving blood flow and their performance – and of course, also improve the condition of health.

Place your hands on the eyes several times a day for several minutes. If your hands are warm, you should feel the eyes “drink” the energy through your hands – and relax. If they do not warm it too fine. Cover your eyes with your hands, and imagine that you see all black. Black is designed to expand the blood vessels in the eyes in order to increase blood flow.

It is recommended to do the exercise several minutes before bedtime and in the morning – before you go out of bed. If you find time to do it in between your daily tasks, it will also be a blessing.



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