Islam – The threat on the civilized world

The western civilization is committing suicide!

In western countries you see more and more naive and stupid people protesting “Free Free Palastine”, which means annihilate israel, because they are both on the same territory.
The hatred to the jewish people is so strong that it blinds people from seeing the real danger to their existence.
Israel stands on the way of the Islam to conquer the rest of the world and implementt Sharia laws that kill people in the most cruel ways that you can imagine, and many think that sacrificing Israel will end up the world’s problems, but the reality will explode in your face like it does in europe and in america – but in an ever growing scale, until you will vanish.
The Muslims do not want democracy and human rights, but the do know how to exploit itt to to the maximum to subdue it in their holy war. Part of their efforts they established organization as the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) that claims that Israel is an apartheid state, although the Arabs who lives in Israel are having much better life, security and human rights that the Arabs in any arab country.
if you cooperate with the BDS as well as any other radical Islamist organization, you are,, in fact helping Islam to fulfil it’s mission and take over the world and kill all the infidels (reasonable that you and your family and everyone you know are among them).
Islam is slaughtering and butchering christians and also different kinds of muslimss everywhere that they have the opportunity to do it, in the most mean and vicious way, but the world is so focused on hating the jews, that the Muslims pass freely under the radar. This is a kind of mental sickness that is running in the family, but it is encouraged and pampered by the radical islam as a part of its mission to destroy the western civilization.
Keep criticizing and blaming Israel for all the troubles of the world, and soon you will seee (not for too long though) where it leads you to.
The holocaust that the Germans did to the jewish of Europe only seventy years ago is justt the promo of what you are going to have in Europe and America.
If you want to understand the meaning of awareness and you want to know where the world is heading to, you are welcome to visit the facebook groups

Holocaust in the twenty-first century

Islamic Brutality

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