How to cure hoarseness

By: Eyal Cohen, Healer, and author of the book series “Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor”.

Chronic and Occasional Hoarseness

If you suffer from hoarseness, chances are that your vocal cords suffer from temporary insufficient blood flow, because of overuse or some kind of trauma.
In this situation, which is unpleasant in itself because of the feeling of pain and dysfunction, due to the impaired blood flow, makes the vocal cord susceptible to diseases such as inflammation, edema, warts, and other diseases that might impact your quality of life.

In cases like this, the yawn is a panacea. Do not believe it? Try it !!!

Beyond the effect on breathing, the yawn is a critical mechanism that is basically an internal stretch, which expands the trachea and the blood vessels and floods the whole body with energy by enhancing the blood flow. When it comes to the vocal cords, yawning improves blood circulation, relieves stress and pain, and allows more flexibility and better functioning of the system.

If you’re “husky” Try to yawn as much you can. From yawn to yawn you will feel that your situation is improving – but it has to be a deep yawn.

We live in a culture that suppresses yawning considering it an expression of boredom or contempt, and this is why many people have lost the ability to yawn. I recommend yawning as much as possible – and to avoid suppressing yawns. Always yawn before any challenging activity and in any challenging situation. You will not believe how much it affects all body functions.

Along with yawning – you need to reduce the load on your vocal cords as much as possible, to allow them to rehabilitate.

Chronic hoarseness

There is a kind of hoarseness that develops after prolonged use of the vocal cords, either shouting or talking loudly.

This behavior is followed by shrinking of the blood vessels in the vocal chords that changes the pattern of the blood flow.

Once our subconscious learns to accept this pattern as “normal”, the person feels drive to use the vocal cords to the point that they are worn out.
A person with this type of hoarseness actually becomes addicted to the changes in the pattern of blood flow, and as a result, the subconscious is striving to return the same pattern in order to feel comfortable.
This kind of people are usually loud or having “a daily quota of words” they have to speak to return to the level of hoarseness (stress) which is the result impaired blood flow that their subconscious perceives as normal.

It is impossible to recover from this kind of hoarseness as long as the sufferer is not aware of the cause and the process, and the changes in behavior needed to bring about recovery. Because reducing speech as much as possible – or lowering pressure on the vocal cords is like a war on the person’s instinct – and just like going on a diet – as you will read in the tip: “diet – what makes it so hard”. You need to have willpower and determination to make the change.

Smoking hoarseness

Before we touch on this subject, I want to tell you a sentence that explains the whole issue:
“When you think you smoke a cigarette, you do not really smoke a cigarette, in fact, the cigarette smokes you”…

Your vocal cords are very delicate and are easily affected by the smoke, and this makes it go through a “smoking” process, as we use in the culinary world, in smoking meat, fish or cheese.
People who smoke for many years have a smokey voice because their vocal cords are burned through many years of smoking.

When it comes to smokers, since smoking dries the saliva in the throat and creates heavy mucus that is hard to clear, and that affects the respiratory system and the functioning of the vocal cords, try to clean the tongue and remove the mucus from it with the toothbrush and you should feel how breathing gets better and speech is facilitated.

If you already suffer from hoarseness because of smoking, see it as a warning alert. Try to quit smoking in order to allow the vocal cords and trachea to heal. as long as the urge to smoke is stronger than the desire to heal, the suffering will continue.
Only a change in lifestyle will help get rid of the problem.

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