Healing and Reiki

You cannot imagine how many lives could be saved and how much suffering could be prevented if energy-based holistic therapies such as Reiki and Healing were accepted in our Western society.

Healing and Reiki are pure energetic treatments that support and help the body overcome almost any health problem, naturally, without medical intervention, without chemicals, without invasive treatments, without the huge costs, and without the damage, poisonings, and various side effects from medications.

As a therapist and a believer in these treatments – based on extensive experience with an amazing success rate, before you run to inject cortisone or go through invasive treatments, allow me to share some stories that I have encountered about Healing and Reiki treatments so that you will have another choice, which is superior in any way.

Surprisingly, most of the issues that could be cured easily with these treatments, are those that medicine defines as “chronic,” “Auto-immune,” “Hereditary,” “psychosomatic,” and “unexplained,”, because they all exist in the energetic aspect. Medicine does not recognize their real causes and therefore does not suggest a real cure rather than treating the symptoms for life. Apart from this, these treatments work like magic in cases of inflammation, herniated disc, cancer, and in fact, any health challenge.

However, do not build up false hopes, and to be honest and fair, I have to say that there is no assurance that Reiki treatment will help in every case. In my opinion, since there is no risk whatsoever, if it is important enough, you should try it first or combine it with medical treatment in order to get a better and faster recovery.
If you suffer from illnesses like diabetes or high blood pressure that makes you depend on medication, you should try taking Reiki treatments while monitoring blood glucose – or blood pressure, gradually lowering the dose of medication while the values return to normal.

Over years of practicing Reiki, I have seen hundreds of healing cases that would normally be defined as ” medical miracles.” I’ll give you a few examples…

Natural cure for BCC cancer

As a healer, I had many positive experiences with curing various kinds of cancer, but due to privacy issues, or because the tumor was internal, I could not take photos. In this case, the tumor was behind the knee, so I could take a photo before and after the treatment.

This tumor is called Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), and the first photo was taken on July 15, 2019, and the second one on August 22, 2019.

The difference between them is only one healing treatment.

Before we did the treatment, the tumor was painful, and during the treatment, the pain gradually disappeared, the body started a fast healing process, and in this case, the results can be clearly seen to the naked eye.

Although I never failed with curing cancer, in this case, because the tumor was small, the healing process was fast and very efficient.

The great advantage of this kind of healing is that, unlike surgery, when the body’s immune system does the work, it cleanses the whole area without leaving behind infected cells, which over the years would become big tumors and force him to go through another session of medical treatments.


Another example of naturally curing BCC cancer is shown in the series of pictures below.
This time it was my brother that got it, and he came every day for treatment, and you can see clearly the changes from day to day until it disappeared

Healing treatment for kidney failure

A personal experience I had with my father.

On November 22, 2010, at the age of 82, there was a sudden worsening in my father’s health condition, and my father was rushed to a hospital. At the hospital, they took a blood test, and based on the measurement of creatinine, the doctors told my brother that he was suffering from severe renal insufficiency. Normally I am the one who takes care of my father, but that Monday I was working so I didn’t know what was happening until 21:30 when I received an SMS from my brother:
“Father is suffering from acute renal Failure “
The blood test results showed “creatinine 7.” This means 7 milligrams of creatinine per deciliter of blood… The value that indicates the proper function of the kidneys is one. Just to illustrate the seriousness of the situation, creatinine 3 indicates seventy percent impaired renal function. When the value of creatinine gets to 3 mg per deciliter, a person enters hospitalization for a follow-up.
A value of 7 creatinine indicates that the kidneys are not functioning at all, and conventional medicine has no cure to offer. Normally, this condition is incurable.

However, as I know that Reiki treatments may provide a solution to problems related to organ failure because of insufficiency, I decided to take matters into my hands.
My father, like most people, brought up in Western culture was skeptical and even cynical when it came to unacceptable treatments. At first, he tried to yell at me that it does not help, but in this case, he had no choice. I knew that Reiki was the only chance to avoid total destruction of the kidneys and the beginning of the dialysis era, and I insisted on treating him.

I gave him reiki as much as I could – mostly while he was asleep.
Every morning I got to the hospital at 7:00 and I gave him a Reiki treatment for about an hour. Every morning between 9:00 to 9:30 a nurse came and took blood to test for creatinine. On Tuesday, the blood test result showed 4.3. On Wednesday the blood test result was 3, and on Thursday the blood test result showed a completely normal Creatinine 1! Up to now, five years after, at the age of 87, my father’s kidneys function excellently, and we hope that it will continue this way. If there will be another deterioration, I am ready to take care of him again…
Healing such a serious condition within such a short time is no less than remarkable. On the last day before he was released, while the Doctors were doing their rounds, I heard the professor asking the Doctor in charge “Who’s the one who had creatinine 7?” The Doctor showed him my father, and the professor approached him and said: “You were very lucky.”

Could it really be a matter of luck? You decide.

The story of urinary tract infection and Reiki therapy that ruined its plans…

My father who is now 87 years old, suffers from severe atherosclerosis that blocked the blood supply to his brain, and he was saved by surgery that opened the carotid artery and renewed the blood flow, but he had lost many of his functions, and he has a privet caregiver that takes care of him 24/7.
On Wednesday 25/3/15 at six AM the caregiver called me and told me that Dad has blood in the urine. Immediately I got up and went to see what was happening. What I saw was pretty scary. The urine bag was dark red, even prone to brown. Every normal person at this stage would call for an ambulance and go to the emergency room, spend around eight hours until a doctor comes to see him and give him medication which he will have to take for at least two weeks, during which he will also be in pain – and susceptible to complications and/or health damage.
This is what any normal person would do.
I bear witness to myself as “not normal” – and as such, I decided to take things into my own hands. In this difficult situation, it is not a one-shot treatment, but a two-hour treatment at least twice a day. The facts, however, speak for themselves, and the results are shown before you in colors.

On Wednesday morning I received the message and started treatments – and on Saturday at twelve noon, the story was over. No antibiotics, no painkillers, or any other medications, without toxins and invasive treatments.
Had Dad’s caregiver been more alert and informed me earlier of the problem, it is likely that we could have cured it in one session or at least much faster.

I do not think that you will find any doctor that can guarantee that medical means will completely cure infection at this level within three days. They just do not believe it is possible at all, but Reiki again destroyed the concept and demonstrated that a complete cure can be reached within a fantastically short time.

Reiki treatment in the implications of stroke.

On 7/13/11 I received a Facebook message that reads: “Eyal Hey, I saw one of your publications among other activities that you blessed with Reiki treatments. Zvika Lavid, as you know last week had a not easy stroke. His left arm and left leg stopped, as a result of the event. He was hospitalized for a week in the neurology department at “Tel Hashomer” hospital at geriatric department with head injuries since Sunday to rehabilitation. Doctors are satisfied with his progress but expect him to extended hospitalization of at least a month. If you do Reiki and you think maybe you could help him, would be nice if you create a contact. Zvika’s phone number 050-xxxxxxx.
Thank you,

Without thinking twice, my wife and I drove to the Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital Tel – Hashomer. After the week in which Zvika was hospitalized, we saw him with half his body paralyzed; I gave him a Reiki treatment for about 30 minutes. After that, I stopped the treatment and we set to talk a little, and after a few minutes. Zvika, that didn’t even know what is Reiki,  asked me “Did you give me the Reiki treatment?” I asked him to try to raise his hand, and he raised his left hand all way up freely… No one can imagine the excitement that he was in after less than half an hour Zvika raised his hand…

Zvika Lavid in the geriatric rehabilitation department balcony at the “Tel Hashomer” hospital, a few minutes after the reiki treatment.
Ever since Zvika got his quality of life back and he lived a normal life without limitation.
If you do not understand Hebrew, please turn the subtitles on.

From my experience and recognition Strengthening the body’s ability to cure itself is more efficient than any drug or medical treatment, and energetic support encourages the body to do the process fast and cleanly.

It is my advice to you to do not to go with the herd after the medical establishment’s approach. You have a lot to lose – and it’s a shame to become another datum in the statistics of mechanistic medicine, that will suffer for the rest of his life.
In many situations, energetic treatment can be an effective response, as opposed to subjection to drugs or machines that will accompany you throughout life.

To the best of my knowledge, Reiki treatments can cure diseases that are primarily the result of failure or poor blood flow, which affects the functioning of organs and the nervous system – and diseases that are defined as “autoimmune” and chronic diseases.  Among the countless diseases in those categories, you will find the renal failure that I mentioned, diabetes (pancreatic insufficiency), Psoriasis, and many others, as well as joint pain, backaches, muscle pain, limited motion, migraines – and even cancer…

So, you probably ask how to find a good reiki therapist. The problem with holistic treatments is that since they do not require special training or degree, anyone can declare himself as a healer, and since you can fall for charlatans and get “burned” it is important to find the right therapist.
From my point of view, it doesn’t matter what certificate he has. It’s the desire, talent, and ability to heal that should make him able to help. If the price is high, walk away and try another therapist, because then what will be in front of him is profit – not necessarily the help that you need.
Energetic treatment should be done in such a way that will not harm the patient’s energies, and because the economy is our energy, the damage to it should be minimal.

Besides, from the bottom of my heart, I suggest everyone take a Reiki course, allowing them to treat themselves and others, in many situations without the need for tools or materials.

An important note to those who want to learn reiki

The difference between Reiki and a hot pad 😉

Eyal Cohen

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  • shilpa shinde Reply

    Wonderful to read the experiences.
    My father is suffering kidney failure and is diabetic. I have learnt reiki but was not a practitioner..I have started practicing again to help the situation. Would you be able to guide me if there were specific points reiki is to be given for kidney or you suggest a whole body healing. Your inputs would help me channelise as per for helping the effect.

    Best wishes.

    17 בMay 2021 at 5:24
    • eyal cohen Reply

      Dear Shilpa,
      Although in healing treatments you see medical miracles on a daily basis, the insufficient kidney is, as far as I concern, one of the most problematic diseases that I ever encountered. The only time that I succeeded in curing kidneys was with my father, and the reason for that was that I spent countless hours with him in the hospital. If you want to help your father with insufficient kidney, you will need to take a chance with few healers at once, because it requires a lot of power to succeed.
      I wish you good luck, and your father good health

      18 בMay 2021 at 14:34

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