Global Warming

“Global Warming.” The great deception of the industrial culture

Or, rather,

How is it that we are not terrified…?

To illustrate the importance of this issue, I will start this article by clarifying that “stable climate is the basis and a crucial condition for the existence of developed life”!

Although some of us are sensitive enough to feel a significant warming of the environment in which we live, the weather reports in the media do not give us warning signs that would make us aware of the severity of the situation.

Three main problems preventing us from seeing the reality, trying to understand the weather:

  • The first : The confusing term “Global Warming”

Supporters of this concept are wrong and confused – and the fact that until now scientists are still arguing whether there is a global warming or anything like that shows how tricky is this subject.
Opponents to the concept, point on cold seasons or areas and undermine the theory that there is a steady warming.
Unlike the theory of “global warming”, the term “Climate Change” is the right term – which should be used to describe the situation.

  • The second is the division to Celsius method.

In this method, we divide the range between freezing and boiling water into a hundred degrees.
This scale is good for crude chemical processes but is not suitable for measuring temperatures in living systems.
If we divide the range between freezing and boiling water into thousand degrees, we would see a lot more accurate resolution and understand the hidden changes in energy that causes biological processes.
If we want to get the really clear picture of reality that life deserves, we better divide the same range even to ten thousand degrees.
This we should call “biological degrees” – or “Bio degrees.”
The difference is because in the Celsius method, temperature in the range of parts of degree – such as 30 degrees to 30.3 degrees, not even reported in the media.
Instead, it is customary to use soothing expressions like “a slight increase in heat load,” “the weather warmer than usual ” or “no significant change in temperature (change — but not something that you should be bothered …)”.
If we use the division of degrees between freezing and boiling water to ten thousand, we would notice that within three or four decades, the temperature rose from 3000 degrees to 3300 degrees Bio, we would understand the magnitude of the disaster we bring upon ourselves, and perhaps take steps to save ourself from ever-growing environmental deterioration that leads to Ecological holocaust.

The resolution of the celsius method is keeping us blind!

  • The third problem is the way in which it is customary to measure the temperature.

For some reason, in the meteorological authorities it is acceptable to measure the temperature of the air – and as if to make things worse, in addition, measurements are taken in the shade.

This method holds several problems:

  • The first one is air is transparent – and therefore it absorbs only a fraction of solar radiation (Unlike opaque objects that heats up as it absorbs radiation).
  • The second is because of the sheer volume of the atmosphere, the air temperature rises relatively slowly.
  • The third is in the fact that warmed air flows immediately in the form of wind into cooler regions and balances the atmosphere, and so the air temperature remains moderate.

In fact, measuring the temperature of the air – and moreover in the shade, does not reflect in any way the real warming of the earth, that absorbs solar radiation and heats up in a linear curve.
As a result of this practice, the information that we receive in the weather reports is gelding – and does not reflect the hell on the ground.
In order to get a correct picture about the state of the environment, we need to measure the temperature of opaque substances on the earth – which are exposed to the radiation of the sun.
Those who do not feel the strengthening of radiation on their skin, cannot escape its implications. We find evidence at the alarming rise in the prevalence of skin cancer – and in huge fires increasing in number around the world, that puts the organic matter and the continuity of the developed life in real danger in the foreseeable future.
It is important to understand that in order to raise the temperature of the atmosphere by two or three degrees Celsius, you need a huge amount of radiation that will burn the developed life on earth.
The growing air pollution in recent decades, changes in the structure of the atmospheric gases such as the ozone layer, leading to ever-dwindling rapidly disintegrating of layers that protect the planet from solar radiation.
These changes in the structure and gas properties strengthening the radiation reaching the earth and burns anything that lies on its surface.
Thus, within a few decades of industrial culture world, while solar radiation increased the temperature that allows making an omelet in a few minutes on a metal surface that is exposed to the sun, the temperature of the air measured in the shade in the same environment, increased range of parts of degree centigrade that we do not even notice.
The growing heat load in the environment disrupts the functioning and health of the people, causing functional difficulties and a growing dependence on machines. The heat causes hormonal changes and changing behavior – and the deaths of millions of people directly or indirectly.

Here come our savior and our killer as the air conditioning machine.

We can hide from the radiation inside air-conditioned buildings, but the trees and greenery field cannot escape the rising radiation from the sun heat rising of the heat of the earth.
As the ongoing process of air pollution and radiation increase, at some point it will get to the “Photosynthesis ceiling,” the stage where life processes in plants cannot exist – and they dry out and die.
This phenomenon will lead to a fatal blow to agriculture and crops, global drought, famine, loss of essential food sources and food crops in greenhouses – would raise food prices and bring a catastrophic increase of cost of living. In this reality, few will be able to exist.
The use of air conditioners that has become a part of our automatic behavior, while helping us to pass pleasantly and conveniently the day, coincided with high power consumption, heats us tomorrow – and threatening to burn our future.
Thus, this behavior leads to a paradoxical situation whereas the environment is compromised, an attempt to improve the situation by running air conditioners, actually causing an increase in pollution and accelerates the deterioration.
Instead of behaving as an intelligent species that understands its place in nature and the impact of his behavior for making real steps to ease the burden on the environment to remedy the situation, we respond in raising the load accelerates the collapse of ecological mechanisms so essential to the proper functioning of the star’s energy balance.
In general, if the use of the air conditioner is not necessary, you should avoid it as much as possible for reasons of your health and the reason of the health of the environment, saving energy and reduce pollution.
As a sunscreen damages the Earth’s keep multiplying huge fires. Toxicity of radiation from the sun brings inflation due to resource depletion, stress, illness, death, and many other disasters. Warming oceans – balance the temperature of the earth, severely Bbmngnonim developed biological creatures living in the sea, and causes an increase in tropical storms and devastating climatic effects.
Human society, preoccupied with survival and cultural wars, and she sacrificed so much and disaster victims, unaware of the stronger radiation and forging a herd of zombies blindly structured life, and are led by business leaders lack any spiritual basis. This situation leaves no chance of awakening that has the power to bring to making a real step to prevent the continuation of the process crash, leaving completely out of control.

Part of the price we pay for a life of sin and economic anarchy, he lives in a loop increases turning the sun at a huge furnace, threatening to make the earth incinerator – and his life hell on – land within a short time than we can appreciate.
That the sun, until a few years ago one praises sing to her as a source of life and abundance, turns right in front of our eyes during the life of one generation only, into a source of trouble, dry, fires, disease and death.
If we report solar radiation over the last few decades, we would have a real reason to be panicked, and realize there is no escape from making real steps of change, for our survival and continued existence.
For some reason, the public does not receive information about the radiation, but only temperatures which are measured in the shade.
As I recall, somewhere in 2000 they began publishing in the newspaper the radiation measurement, something that really pleased me at the time, but for some reason, after a short time, it stopped.
Could it be that there is a guiding hand to prevent panic and to continue the policy of “business as usual” while the earth is burning?
I can not help but ask myself who has an interest in preventing the information from the public? Eventually, no one will benefit from the condition that human is led.
Ecological holocaust means sweeping billions of people  – and who will continue to exist not enjoy life on a planet that cannot support developed life…

What makes the situation?
Wild birth rate, waste and pollution, irresponsible resource utilization and corrupt economy.

From its nature, the man was not meant to be rich, but the capitalist culture has turned people greedy money-making machines. A form of an economy in which people has access to limitless resources as it is rich, people pushed ruthless exploitation of the environment – and as a person has more money is able to exert more pressure on the resources and produce pollution, and it is doing obsessively to achieve more and more. This, “economic anarchy” can not be sustained for long.

Money is power – and as a man is limited by law at the level of physical strength that he allowed to use, the same should apply to economic force. A responsible economy needs to curb over power from systematically destroying the environment.

Equally important, the need to wake up from the large family dream – and to limit the birth rate, in order not to have children in the future where their chance to survive is practically nil, and thus save human suffering as possible.

The message of this article is not to stop living but enjoy life – modestly as possible to minimize the damage and avoid systems collapse.
Wealth is corruption – and the main cause of environmental destruction.

Due to climate change, it is likely that most of the people who live today under the age of sixty will not end their lives “old age”, which is a concept of the past vanishing lexicon, but find death from disease as a result of stress due to depletion of resources for living, systematic oppression of the law which is becoming more and more demanding for the increasing needs of the governmental systems, environmental diseases (genetic) disease, climate, hunger, suicide, etc..

Join Facebook group “Birth control to prevent human suffering as a result of climate change and the destruction of resources”. The most important issue that should come up in any forum that deals with survival and continuity.

The information herein is not meant to make you feel non – comfort or to scare, but to make you understand the delicate layers which we exist. I believe there are ways to change, but the ways that the establishment chooses involve oppression – and do not provide a real solution.

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