Genetics and diseases

I want to shed some different light on the term “genetics” than what we are accustomed.
The term “genetics” actually refers to “environment.”
The human body – like any other creature in nature, must be adjusted perfectly to its environment, to live a healthy life, and any substantial change in the environment would cause a genetic problem – originating in the mismatch.
For this reason, the more we are changing the environment, we are increasing the chances of having a genetic problem which we define as diseases, from which we suffer, and our children will suffer.
The environment is a complex thing, just like the human body, and therefore violations of many balances that we do without any consideration, in favor of growth and development and for the benefit of greed and financial profit, increase in morbidity and deaths from various genetic diseases.
We have been brought up in our civilization to wild capitalism, without considering the implications to the environment and the significance of a healthy environment for a healthy life, but the truth is that we are using money to exploit the environment, and so, the more a person earns, the more he is actually responsible for the exploitation and destruction of the environment, and therefore, values such as “humility” and “modesty” has existential meaning, much beyond the personhood moral issue…
Diseases such as cancer, which are considered to be genetic, developed as a result of environmental factors which the body does not recognize. These factors, that affects various cells in the body and cause changes in the DNA.
In most cases, the damaged cells will die, and the body replaces them, but the more we change the environment, the higher the chances that a certain cell or more will not die, but their DNA will change in a way that it can continue to exist, but without being subject to the body’s control. In these circumstances, we get a cancerous cell that duplicates itself again and again and will continue to grow, until the pollution it causes and the resources it consumes will cause the death of the body.
To improve the chances to cure such diseases, it is recommended to strengthen the body with holistic treatments – rather than using radiation and chemical poisoning, which in themselves could cause cancer and/or diseases and cause serious damage to the health of the body – or what’s left of it…