Flourideizing of drinking water

What’s behind flourideizing of drinking water, allegedly to prevent tooth caries…

Personally, I do not see any way that fluoride has any influence over caries, and even if it does, adding to the drinking water an artificial ingredient that is also suspected to be carcinogen in order to prevent tooth decay, does not seem as a responsible or sensible act.

The truth is that fluoride is highly toxic, and the small doses that we get in the fluoridized drinking water, works like a long term Russian roulette that can take many years to affect, and in many cases in unpredictable ways.

If it is so important to prevent caries, wouldn’t it be wiser to take candies and chocolates out of the law or to raise children awareness? Bus since candies and chocolate are sold freely and in a huge abundance without considering the damage to the tooth, we cannot avoid asking who has the interest and the profit for poisoning a whole population with fluoride allegedly for the sake of preventing caries.

In a culture that uses such sophisticated means to control people awareness and behavior from motives of exploiting their energy, you need to be aware of the energetic aspect of life, in order to be able to keep your wholeness. Although change the way you understand of life is not easy, if you are aware of the significance of truth, it is possible, and as a source of objective information, I hope that this book will be a significant step in this path.