Diabetes as an energetic disease

By: Eyal Cohen, Healer, and author of the book series “Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor”

Diabetes is considered to be a metabolic disorder that is associated – unjustly, with sugar consumption.

The sad truth regarding diabetes, like many other diseases, is there is no connection between scientific and medical perception and reality, and as long as you’re not sick, there is no limit on the amount of sugar that you can have – of course, without wild exaggeration. In any case, there is no need for hysteria, which can in itself cause diabetes.

 Excess sugar is not healthy as it will make your teeth rot, make you fat, and encourage blood and intestinal parasites, and like anything else, excess consumption is not recommended, but as you will soon understand, there is no connection whatsoever between sugar consumption and getting diabetic.

What might be misleading is the fact that if you already have diabetes, you must keep strictly the sugar balance in your blood, use insulin whenever blood sugar is rising – and always be stocked with food if the sugar is desc.

The truth is that diabetes is a disease of energy, and therefore, to understand why and how it develops, and the constant increase in its appearance, it is important to understand the different systems in the body in the energetic aspect. Detailed information about the energy dimension bodywork can find a book I wrote “(j) Secrets of creation – The energy balance of the body and life”, but here we will discuss specifically the functioning of the pancreas in the body’s energy system, to explain the diabetes.

Diabetes develops because of pancreas failure.

The pancreas is a gland that secretes into the bloodstream a hormone named insulin, which is essential for the sugar from the food to penetrate into cells, where do the work and make energy.
Without insulin, glucose can not enter cells and accumulate in the blood, and the body cannot produce energy, which can be expressed in many different symptoms of the disease and even lead to death.

There are two main reasons to pancreas failure, none of which has nothing to do with sugar consumption.

One is pancreatitis (infection of the pancreas) that consumes part of the pancreas and reduces its ability to produce the insulin. This normally erupts after the person gets an unexplained fever because the doctors cannot diagnose infection in the pancreas.

The second kind of diabetes, which is more common, evolves due to energetic causes, which science and medicine systematically ignore, and therefore in our culture are not politically correct. In order to understand why and how it develops – and have more control over it, we need to understand the pancreas work within the energetic aspect.

The pancreas responds to different situations in which the body needs different levels of energy, by regulating the amount of insulin it secretes. In stressful conditions, it needs to secrete more insulin, and in calmer times it can rest and recover.

The more energy we need for the purpose of responding to certain situations, the pancreas needs to work harder to produce more insulin, in order to allow the cells to produce the energy.

The pancreas, like any other organ in the body, the more it is active, the blood vessels in it constrict, until they cannot deliver the blood that is needed for the purpose of function, and so, the harder it works, the less blood it gets.

In the reality which we live in today, many situations put us under stress. Some are temporary and some are constant, but in our wild competitive capitalist society of law and order, we cannot respond to many different stress causes.

Emotions like stress, anger, rage, jealousy, abuse, sense of deprivation, humiliation, failure – and many others, create in us the urge to respond (Revenge = energetic balance). Part of the urge is actually the result of the pancreas working harder to produce insulin in order to create the energy to respond with, but in cases where the pressure is constant, our pancreas works hard over time.

The moral factor :

We live in a society of law and order which rapidly has become wild. New laws are being legislated while old laws are never canceled, and the consequence is a jungle of laws that are getting denser, and every movement that a man makes can be interpreted as a crime, and be used against him, to make him pay money or to deprive him of his liberty. Money is energy. We need money for the metabolism that our body does to produce energy.

Much of this stress is caused by the lack of morals in modern society and government systems that utilize people immorally, that turns the law into a money milking machine by abusing the legal system while causing energetic distress.

In most cases, the disease creeps up and develops gradually without overt symptoms over years, as a result of ongoing stress that gradually worsens the pancreas situation, until the blood flow in the pancreas becomes insufficient. As a result, the quantity and the quality of insulin that it can produce declines, and the person is diagnosed as a diabetic. in the competitive world in which we live we are under continual stress for many different reasons. Including getting good grades as children, cost of living, atmosphere, traffic jams, security risks, work pressures, family pressures, etc.

In addition to normal stress, from time to time we experience periods of extreme stress that rises the destruction of the pancreas.

In more rare cases, diabetes can be developed rapidly because of situations of extreme anger. This is when we feel stomach pains, that result from the contraction of the blood vessels in the pancreas that cause pancreatic insufficiency.

I want to give you an example of stress factors relating to the general population, that we may not consider, but they have a serious impact of our health as individuals and as a society :

A municipality exerts increasing pressure on the residents by reducing legal parking spaces and giving heavy parking fines which the drivers, who are compelled to park in prohibited areas are forced to pay. In some cases the drivers discover that their vehicle has been towed away and they are forced to take a taxi and pay for it, in addition to the huge amounts for towing and for the fine.

Surely you want to break something in this situation.

Similarly, limiting driving speed on open roads in order just to extort as much money as possible from the exhausted drivers is immoral behavior that all society pays a huge price for. For these purposes, there is a huge variety of technological means, such as high-speed cameras, street cameras, lasers of various kinds, and even zeppelins taking pictures from the sky and sending tickets with fines to the drivers. These measures constitute an economic threat and a nuisance to the driver who is stressed while driving. Many people work in driving the whole day long, and for them, the stress is ongoing and increasing. Police and municipality reports cause quite a bit of stress and are responsible for many cases of diabetes and countless other diseases that we will learn to acknowledge the more we understand the body from the energetic aspect.

There are two things moral problems in the way this system works. One is the brutality: responsible fine should not exceed five percent of the average wage. Fines that force people to pay more than this are kind of slavery, manhunt, and even cannibalism, but instead of eating the man’s flesh, the authorities take the energy out of it.

The second is that money collected from the fines goes directly to the authority that imposes the fines, therefore they are motivated to give as many fines as possible. Moral fines should go to charitable organizations, which would end the moral problem of over -צotivation to impose the fines.

Nowadays cannibalism is not accepted in western society, but we have created a new form of cannibalism, that sucks the energy from the people.

A corrupt system of government that squeezes every drop of energy from citizens in distress because it doesn’t provide the residents with the proper services, (e.g. parking facilities) is one stress factor that harm the whole of society, weakening it with different diseases that could eventually bring about its collapse.

Hence the connection between diabetes and heart disease. Like the pressure in our environment grows, the greater the load on the pancreas, the vascular system, and the heart, which increases the blood pressure, which in turn causes many other health problems, such as destruction of the kidneys, eyes damage, and other body organs that have delicate capillaries, that are prone to system failure.

Diabetes is not something that can be taken lightly, as it can lead to amputation of limbs, infertility, birth defects, and severe decline in quality of life, and so, the more people become sick, the greater the threat to society.

Medical treatment has quite a few drawbacks, since it only treats the symptoms, it involves a radical change in lifestyle for life, it is not rehabilitating, but degenerates what remains of the pancreas.

To prevent diabetes or to prevent its aggravation, avoid anger and negative energies as much as possible. Breathe deep and yawn as much as you can. There are many kinds of therapy that you can practice in order to succeed. Breathe deeply and yawn as much as you can when you are under pressure.

If you are diabetic, as with every disease that results from insufficient blood flow, after learning that you need to relax in order to stop the deterioration of your pancreas, if you want to take another step and try to cure it naturally, try healing treatments, that free the blood vessels in the pancreas and encouraging blood flow and metabolism in the most friendly and efficient way. I believe that if you find the right practitioner and get enough treatments, it can even lead to recovery.

Good Luck

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