How to cure rheumatoid arthritis

By: Eyal Cohen, Healer, and author of the book series “Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor”

The truth about rheumatoid arthritis

Before we deal with this issue, I would like to set the record straight in order to avoid misunderstandings.

In many cases, when people suffer from joints or muscle pain, the doctor refers to it as inflammation.
Yet, there are many types of pain in the joints, resulting in edema, cartilage erosion, insufficiency of blood in certain tissues that results in trauma, as in cases of “frozen shoulder” or “tennis elbow”. In fact, insufficient blood flow usually occurs because the muscles work hard without proper gradual warmup – or because of repeated movements – or even staying for a long time at the same position, which causes trauma to certain tissues.

The difference is that in these cases there are no bacteria involved, and so, you will not see the swelling and red/purple color that you see in inflammation, and in these cases, antibiotics will not help but only cause damage.

When it comes to arthritis, it is an infection that has obvious signs of swelling, purplish color, purulent discharge, and excruciating pain.

There are 20,000 reported deaths a year in America alone, from side effects of medication for treating rheumatoid arthritis, and the sufferers need to live on permanent medication and worsening suffering, pain, and disability for the rest of their lives.

Now, discover the shocking truth, that all this pain, suffer and death could be prevented if people knew that the cause of rheumatoid arthritis is the frequent use of hot water.

Water is the greatest heat accumulator in nature, and so, we need to give it the appropriate respect.

We use hot water for many purposes and in many ways such as in the shower, bath, washing dishes, washing hands, washing the floors, etc. Each time that our body comes into contact with hot water, it absorbs an enormous amount of heat energy, which causes microscopic blood vessels to burst.  You can see those hemorrhages in the color of your skin that becomes red after a hot shower.

The damage to the blood vessels may seem insignificant because the internal bleedings are on a microscopic scale, but on an unremitting daily basis, as deeper and deeper tissues are affected and their blood system impaired, the damage accumulates. The disrupted blood flow prevents the immunological mechanism from reaching the affected tissues and allows bacteria to reproduce uncontrollably, secrete acids that consume tissues, and cause inflammation of the joints (rheumatism).

The reason that rheumatoid arthritis affects mostly the joints, is that, unlike muscles or fat tissues, joints contain delicate tissues such as cartilage and others, that are more sensitive to heat energy.

As we are getting older, the disease develops faster, because our ability to rehabilitate decreases, and the damage that hot water causes the blood vessels, get more extreme.

Palms and finger joints usually suffer more, and many older people suffer from a deformation of the hands, because the tissues in the hands have been cooked in hot water. In extreme cases the inflammation can cause necrosis, necessitating amputation.

If you suffer from inflammation of the joints, just allow your body to recuperate, and watch the miracle as it happens, in the cheapest, most efficient, and most friendly way. Start by avoiding using hot water as much as possible, and you will soon notice a difference.

If you need to take a hot bath ;

  • shorten the time in the bath as much as possible.
    Remember, if you take a shower for five minutes or fifteen minutes, you will come out just as clean, but the less you boil yourself, the more your body will be able to recuperate, and you will also save water and energy.
  • Avoid reaching the temperature of the threshold of pain and try to use the lowest possible temperature that you can, while feeling comfortable.

Conventional medicine defines Rheumatoid arthritis as a “chronic” or “auto-immune” disease and has no way of curing these ailments. The various medications to ease the unspeakable pain that accompanies the ailment, usually help only in the short term, but while the medication shuts down the pain mechanism, the disease continues to penetrate into deeper and deeper tissue layers and will erupt in the future on a far greater scale.

There is no medical solution, and if you do not want to be a part of the statistics and avoid becoming another victim of the disease and of the system, you have to change your habits and way of life, in order to allow your body to heal. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and adopt a different approach to the causes of the disease, in order to avoid suffering.

If you want a real solution to the pain and the dysfunction, and get a fast and clean rehabilitation, find a healer or a reiki practitioner and get a few treatments.
You will be amazed by the outcome, and I write it from a lot of personal experience in curing such symptoms with truly amazing success.

One of the most amazing footage that shows in colors exactly what I am talking about in the book series “Things you won’t hear from your doctor

Focus on the 45’th second

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