Can a sick tooth be cured naturally?

By : Eyal Cohen, A healer and the author and publisher of the book series “Things You Won’t Hear From your Doctor”

Can a sick tooth be cured naturally?
Most people may consider it a delusion, but from my experience as a healer, it can be done.
I first experienced it on my own tooth that had a cavity and according to a dentist diagnosis needed a root canal treatment, and after less than a week of healing treatments, it got cured.
After this, I started curing other people, and in all the cases, we succeed curing teeth, eliminating bad breath and pain.
The explanation to this is that the teeth, like any other body bone, has the ability to rehabilitate, and what it needs to execute it, is to cure the infection.
After we cure the infections with healing treatments, the body can do the job, and it doesn’t waste time…
So, next time, If you suffer from toothache or bad breath, don’t rush to the dentist. Try to find a good healer and you will discover what your body is capable of.