By: Eyal Cohen, Healer, and author of the book series “Things You Won’t Hear From Your Doctor”

Why is it really important for a mother to breastfeed?

Many young women are debating whether to breastfeed their babies, especially when various formula-producing companies promise that their product is the closest thing to the mother’s milk, so they don’t need to be bothered.

The root of the dilemma lies in the fact that somewhere in the 1970s, studies were published that argued that breastfeeding causes breast thinning and loss of shape.

According to these studies, young mothers began to avoid breastfeeding in order to maintain their young and sexy appearance.
To this day, more than fifty years later, this is still the prevailing assumption and the use of industrial formulas is on the rise.

The bitter truth is exactly the opposite.

It is important that you understand that breastfeeding is essential for both the baby and the mother.

When it comes to mother, the breasts are intended for breastfeeding – and failure to fulfill their natural function will lead to a decrease in blood flow to them, which will affect the size, stability, and functioning of the organ. Moreover, due to the processes of degeneration, the risk of breast cancer increases significantly.

In fact, the change in breast shape is pregnancy, which we do not want to avoid. During pregnancy, the breasts are grown to provide the baby with the mother’s milk he needs. In some cases, the skin is stretched to a level that has tearing marks. After breastfeeding stops, the breasts return to their original size, and the excess skin dwindles and causes the falling look …
In breastfeeding, it is reasonable to assume that the body will make the process more gradual – and will even improve blood flow to the breasts and strengthen them.

During breastfeeding, the baby feeds the amount of food it needs, as opposed to feeding the amounts according to age and weight.
The energy supplied to the infant with breast milk has a significant part in his development.

The reason that babies suffer from gases is actually mastication.
A generation or two ago, the babies were fed on breast milk, which matched their natural growth rate – and therefore suffered less from gas.
These days, when infants feed on formulas according to tables without regard to the individual needs of each baby, many parents will also be careful to give a few more CCs, just to “be safe” or for the baby to “sleep well,” and as a result many babies gain weight excessively and suffer from gases in their digestive system.
Want the baby not to suffer from gas? Do not force him to eat. Let him eat according to his needs.


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Find those helpful tips – as well as many others which can improve your life quality, in the book series “Things you won’t hear from your Doctor” – by Eyal Cohen

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