Benign enlargement of the prostate gland

By : Eyal Cohen

The prostate gland is a gland located in the lower abdomen, bladder origin and functions to produce the fluid in which sperm swim.
Most of life, as long as this gland is active, it does not undergo substantial changes, but in old age, as sexual activity decreases, blood flow is reduced, and it decreases the blood’s ability to drain fluids that gradually accumulate in it.
Fluid accumulation causes the prostate get bigger and bigger, until it squeezes the urethra and prevents urine evacuation. In this situation there is a real danger to the kidneys, as the urine that can not evacuate floods them, causing them to drown and stop functioning, and results in problems such as kidney failure, and the need for dialysis treatment and kidney transplants.

At this stage, in order to prevent damage to the kidney, a catheter – which is a tube inserted through the urethra to the bladder to empty it, is required, but the catheter cannot be used as a long term solution, as it may cause irritation, urinary tract infections and complications.

Therefore sufferers are forced to act without delay, and the usual treatment is vaporization prostatectomy or prostate or prostate reduction surgical treatment to lower the pressure in the urethra and open the passage of urine. Treatment that costs thousands of dollars and causes scarring to various body tissues.

Unconventional therapy that might help in this case is Reiki, which improves the blood flow in the prostate gland and its functioning, to the point that it is able to manage the fluids and return to its normal size, but most educated people disregard these kinds of therapy because they are not “scientifically approved,” and so, people are forced to undergo invasive risky medical treatments – to keep on living.

This concept arises few messages:

Once a man stops having sex, his clock begins ticking.
Some of the sexual drive is a result of the outcry of the prostate that desires to work in order not to degenerate.
This is a significant reason why women live longer than men and why men and old people so appreciate and love their wives, because subconsciously they understand that they hold the key to their survival :).
I hope I helped you to understand something else that might improve the quality of life…

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Find those helpful tips – as well as many others which can improve your life quality, in the book series “Things you won’t hear from your Doctor” – by Eyal Cohen

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