Art in the spirit of the new age

It’s not that I’m such a great artist, but every once in a while I get ideas that I feel that should be shared…

One Love

This pendant which we call “World Peace” or “one-love,” started my idea and was hand made by my younger brother, which is a very talented and highly skilled jeweler.
The pendant features the symbols of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in a heart supported by the peace symbol, while the whole structure is held by the dove of peace.
Made of pure silver (sterling silver 925)
I know it’s not a piece of jewelry that can be worn to work a reality in which we live in, but in certain social circles
this may be an attraction. If you believe in brotherhood of man, keep it and it will strengthen you – and, of course, be a wonderful gift for mixed weddings

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 The Golden Calf

Who does not know. This disc is a Silicon slice of which the  computer processors are manufactured, that governs our lives and makes us all into slaves.
Ironically, electronic circuit connections made of gold, and this calf is fluent in our livess…

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