Spirituality and the common Gum Diseases

I am aware of the fact that normal people would wonder about the connection between spiritualism and the common gum diseases, and perhaps to health in general.

In order to make the point clear, the book series “Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor” is a spiritual journey that starts with understanding and curing gum diseases. If you would like to go on, in the next books we will continue understanding and curing many other diseases that we suffer from as individuals and society, from a point of view which I call “Objective Awareness“.

In the basis of every spiritual doctrine, you will find love. Nevertheless, in present reality, there are many spiritual doctrines that lost their way.

From my point of view, I refer to love as preventing human misery as much as possible, by introducing natural understanding and solutions to many health problems that causes human suffer.

Objective Awareness‘, as the name suggests, is a world view without personal interest, born out of pure concern to the world and to mankind.

Unlike the medical and the scientific point of view which disregards subjects and issues such as the energy because they does not have economic potential, ‘Objective Awareness’ focuses on these neglected aspects and analyze them to fine details.

The book series ‘Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor’ examines the energy pattern, which is a significant part of life that the body needs to maintain strict balance in order to function properly and healthy, while combining scientific basis (facts that are accepted on scientists) with spiritual basis.

In order to demonstrate the way in which different violations of the energetic aspect causes certain diseases, it is important to beguine with clear and simple violation. This is why I choose to start the book series ‘Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor’ with the common gum diseases, which are a reaction to the most clear violation of energy, that the human body needs to cope with each and every day.

In the introduction book, these diseases are being used as a metaphor, as to my perception , in order to make a significant change in our approach and our point of view to the environment, we need to start with our small world, within our body. Understanding and treating the gum diseases in natural way, bring the reader’s and to do the first step in understanding the importance of the change, and the significance of the energy balance, regarding to the health situation of different body’s tissues.

Beyond my intention to enable people to understand and prevent the gum diseases, this book aims to raise the level of sensitivity and awareness of the reader to such that would make him do the first step towards life with taking responsibility, for the sake of healthier environment and happier life.

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