About Eyal Cohen

Eyal Cohen is a musician who, in 1993, experienced spiritual enlightenment that completely changed the way he understands life. Since then, he has been trying to spread the word through a series of books called “Things You Won’t Hear Your Doctor” which he authored and published.

In addition, for over twenty-five years, Eyal has been practicing healing treatments, during which he healed thousands of people from infancy to old age from a huge variety of health problems with a success rate of more than ninety percent, without risks of putting loads on the body.

The beginning of his path in healing was a Reiki course after that enlightenment with a Reiki Master named Miriam Kirzhner.

After the course, Eyal experimented for fifteen years with energetic treatments on anyone willing to try and in possible health problems, free of charge, only to test this way of healing and his abilities as a therapist.

Only after he realized that the success rate was high for all types of patients and there was no way to harm the patients Eyal made Healing his main occupation.
In 2012, after years of social oppression where the normative society does everything possible to crush the energies of anyone who acts unacceptably, Eyal decided to take the course again, this time with Hana Avni, to be in a supportive environment and strengthen the energies.

Despite being certified as a Reiki therapist, Eyal does not define his treatments as Reiki treatments because he does not use Reiki symbols in the treatments and also because, over the years, he has developed methods that are not included in the Reiki protocol. Instead, he defines his treatments as “Healing” – or “Energetic support” that helps patients overcome many different health problems most efficiently.

In consideration of the high success rates, his advice to anyone interested in avoiding invasive, symptomatic, and toxic ways to cure that weakening the body and, in many cases, cause health damage, Eyal recommends trying a different way to cure that straighten the body, encourages the blood flow and enhance the functioning for the metabolism and of the immune system.

To understand how healing treatments work, we need to acknowledge the fact that life exists in two dimensions. The Materialistic dimension that science and modern medicine focus on, and the Energetic dimension that science and modern medicine neglect due to the lack of economic value and interest. Concerning our health and well-being, the energetic dimension is much more significant.

The scientific and medical establishment, which systematically ignores the energetic aspect of life, considers diseases that evolve due to energetic imbalance or energetic distress as “autoimmune,” “viral,” “hereditary (genetic),” “chronic,” “idiopathic,” “neurological,” and with other dead-end definitions, claiming that the suffering is inevitable, and the only way to treat them is through medications or surgeries.

Sins Energetic illnesses cannot be cured with medications and chemicals, this is where healing or Reiki treatments are highly effective in relieving pain, curing infectious diseases, and helping the body recover from various traumas.