Patient’s Testimonials

Since I am Israeli, naturally, all of my text and video testimonials are in Hebrew, but I translated text testimonies, and I also translated some of the videos that I got through the years with subtitles to familiarize you with the power of Healing treatments.
I hope you will enjoy what you see and perhaps learn something useful that can help your quality of life and might even save your life…

Yom-tov Moshe suffered from excruciating pain in the back hip, and he survived to tell 🙂

Anat Ashuach suffered severe pain in the Kidney area that disappeared after a healing treatment, so she sent this message to the world.

Eran Zeira, who suffered From Retinal detachment that almost cost him his vision, tells how, after a few healing treatments, his vision improved to better than normal!

Zvika Lavid had a stroke that paralyzed his left arm, which returned to function after a short healing treatment.

Akiva Nof, a former Knesset member, a famous singer, a songwriter, and a composer who wrote some of the everlasting Israeli classic repertoire, came for a healing treatment and felt the responsibility to share it with the world.


At her birthday, I promised Miri Aloni (A very famous and appreciated Israeli singer) a healing treatment for a present, so Zipi Mor, who is a famous actor who was at the event, felt the need to encourage her 🙂

A thank you letter to Eyal Cohen

In the middle of March, I fell at home and broke a vertebra in my back.
From the moment of the fall, I suffered excruciating pain. I could not perform a simple function like lying down or moving from a lying position to a sitting position.
For a situation from lying down to sitting, two people needed to help me, and despite their help, each of the appropriate actions was accompanied by terrible pain.
I took narcotics such as OxyContin, Zaldiar, and more… and at a dose four times higher than the dose suggested according to the instructions.
In May, I decided to undergo back surgery, I met with an anesthesiologist, etc…
Fortunately, in June, I heard Guy Tal in a broadcast on the Internet talking about a healer named Eyal Cohen and praised him for the ability of his hands (healing and Reiki treatment), which are proven with good results.
I called you, and I didn’t believe that there was a possibility of healing a vertebra fracture in the back using energy.
Finally, I decided to try; maximum, if it won’t help, it won’t hurt, and it’s worth coming to you to try.
I will admit that traveling to you for an hour plus, in my situation, was not easy.
The trip cost me a lot of pain.
The change was disappointing on a certain level, but the next day, I woke up feeling that there was a good and physically noticeable change.
The first treatment ended without me feeling any change, and I was disappointed to a certain extent, but the day after, I got up with a feeling that there was a change for the good. Then, after each treatment with you, I felt further improvement, and I knew I was on the road to recovery.
Today, after five treatments (if I’m not mistaken), I feel great.
I thank you for the traditional way, for the exciting attitude I felt in your company, and for the encouragement you gave me not to give up.
You always responded to my every request with patience and a smile.
I have nothing to add except that thanks to you, I did not undergo back surgery with all that pain, hospitalization, and recovery period entails.
With gratitude
Nissim Bakri

I arrived in Israel about a week after I was injured in an accident while on vacation abroad and was immediately taken to a hospital.
When it became clear from the tests at the hospital that there was no fear of fractures except for a fracture in the clavicle and “beats Continents” that manifested themselves in huge hemorrhages, I was released to my home.

My physical condition was unable to move; for example, I could not get up, and I needed the help of three people sturdy to put me on my feet; As a woman, I could not sit on the toilet; Of course, I couldn’t
To perform the most basic actions, all this was accompanied by excruciating pain that no medicine/injection gave.
Dose or at least relief I stopped taking medicine. (In this description, I tried to illustrate the hardship and suffering that I had.

My daughter, who saw my suffering, called Eyal, whom she had known for a long time after he helped her with several health issues.
When Eyal heard my story, he did not hesitate, and in a short time, he showed up at our house with a bed and gave me hope that he could help me.

Indeed, already after the first healing treatment, which lasted four hours (this is not normal time, and it continued like this because of the difficult situation), I managed to get up from sitting on my own, I was in pain, but they were pain “Tolerable”.
Thus, after a series of five healing treatments, the first three of which were daily and two more ‘with greater gains, I was able to stand up, sit down, and function independently.

Eyal’s magic touch, the sensitive attitude towards the patient in a difficult situation, his understanding and knowledge of the processes
healing, the belief he planted in me that indeed ways “helped,” and his belief in his mission to heal and heal –
They are the ones who improved my condition and my recovery in a short time and, as mentioned, without medication.

I highly recommend Eyal’s healing treatments.

Adit D,

To dear Eyal Cohen,

I would like to express my gratitude to you from the bottom of my heart, and it would be more accurate to say that it is my duty to thank you and share the miracle that has occurred through your hands.

As mentioned, I came to you broken and shattered, with a soul that was wounded and tired. For five long years, I have been suffering from excruciating pain, and none of the treatments for my problematic spinal discs seemed to alleviate the suffering. This condition has also affected my abdominal area and kidneys, and I constantly experienced severe pain in my legs with no relief.

In short, it has been an unsympathetic state, both for my body and my soul. What’s more, I had come to accept that I would live with this pain for the rest of my life, enduring agony and limitations. The Israeli medical system and healthcare professionals had made it explicitly clear to me that my condition was irreversible and I would have to learn to live with the pain.

I miraculously found my way to you, perhaps the guiding hand of the Creator, who said “enough” to my suffering! I truly don’t know how it happened, but from the moment I met you, Il, you planted hope and understanding in me that my situation could change for the better and quickly!

And indeed, that is how it was! Just two days after your dedicated and incredible treatment, I felt that my body was returning to its former self and gaining a new lease on life. I had long forgotten what it felt like, and if it existed at all. A week after our meeting, I was back to work with renewed energy, and I could walk upright, straight, without limping, and without any limitations.

I cannot exactly explain it, but I will try. It’s as if a blockage that caused a vacuum in my entire body, not just my back, had been released. Since the treatment, a week has passed, and I am pleased to inform you that hope has returned to me just as you promised!

All I have left to do is thank you from the depths of my heart. May the Almighty bless you, and may you have many healthy years ahead. May you always have the strength and dedication to continue being a faithful messenger of the Divine!

With love and great respect,

Shlomi Kinan

Good Morning,
A smiling and healthy morning?
Where do you start? From the end?
I’m writing this post after I won. I actually won yesterday’s treatment from the wonderful hands of Eyal Cohen,
Thank you, thank you, thank you, many many many many thanks,
I arrived in Eyal yesterday sore and frustrated with pain in my lower back that I have been suffering from for quite a long time, I would have somehow made friends with it, but when this celebration was also joined by pain in my knee, it reached a state of up to now,
I believed that in treatment with Eyal, I would gain a change, but like this?
I woke up this morning without back pain (it hasn’t happened in a very long time), and the pain in the knee is gone, gone as if it never existed. The knee functions wonderfully without limitation of movement,
I liked the explanation about the energies in the body and how an understanding of the matter can change our attitude towards our body and change the way we treat it,
So again, I am very grateful for the treatment and the change I received,
And from here, I’m already making plans…., to go back to hiking, dancing, and everything that a healthy quality of life allows,
I strongly recommend it to anyone who suffers and makes friends with the suffering because they “told” him that there was nothing to do,
So here, there is something to do; you just need the right person to do it,
For me, yesterday, you were the right person in the right place at the right time,
My recommendation, take care of yesterday, don’t put it off until tomorrow, and just enjoy a healthy life,
Thanks for the health, and thanks for the change,
Lots and lots of success in the future. Good luck, continue to spread all the goodness and health around you, and continue to do it just like this pleasantly and with a lot of giving and love


I want to share what happened to me shortly after the first and second corona vaccinations that I had to take due to restrictions:
In the first stage, red dots appeared on my skin in the abdominal belt area.
In the second stage, a BCC tumor developed in my left ear, and I had to undergo surgery to remove it.
After that, I suffered from pain in my lower back, which moved to my buttocks, which moved to my elbows in my legs, which caused me to lose flexibility in my joints.
After that, I suffered from a decrease in hearing and the separation of voices to the point where some people talking in a closed space sounded to me like a conversation in ancient Chinese.
After that, every few months, I began to suffer from instability, dizziness, and slow reactions. This is a phenomenon that passes after a few days (vertigo is ruled out)
Eyal Cohen treated all the problems with dedication and energetic support, which eased the symptoms and allowed me to recover from that situation.
Our body is amazing, and with the right encouragement, it has healing abilities beyond our understanding.


Dear Eyal
On Friday, you treated my finger with a very deep cut and bleeding.
After the treatment, the bleeding stopped, and the pain decreased significantly until it completely disappeared.
Thank you very much for the dedicated care.
I recommend anyone who needs to contact you.
It worked for me!

You’re the great champion of the world!
Eyal, my dear healer…
I’ve had a stubborn pain in my left leg for several weeks now, an unrelenting pain that won’t let up…
Indescribable thigh pain…
I can’t put weight on the leg…
Pain that’s coursing through my entire body, sapping all my energy…
But Eyal, the tenacious, doesn’t give up. Every day, between treatments to others, he cares for me with unwavering dedication, with patience that defies comprehension, and a strong desire to solve my troubling issue.
And finally, today, I feel like I can walk on the leg with only a slight ache…
Another treatment or two, and the problem will disappear, and hopefully, I’ll search for the pain… So I’ll scream with joy and not pain…
Eyal, bless you and your hands…
You treat all of us without hesitation!
May you be healthy and strong…
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Zippy Mor

I want to share and take this opportunity to thank Eyal Cohen for the dedicated treatment I received from him today.

Thanks to his treatment, I will be able to go to work tomorrow and function normally.

Yesterday, I called Eyal requesting treatment due to severe lower back pain that prevented me from sitting and moving freely. Every movement was accompanied by excruciating pain, unbearable pain.

Eyal, who happened to be in Eilat at the time, asked me to come to him on Saturday when he returned from his vacation. After a one-hour treatment, I could stand on my feet, and the pain had almost disappeared. I believe that with one more treatment, I will return to full functionality without any pain. I promised to visit him for maintenance regularly. Thank you very much, Eyal, for the dedicated treatment, even during non-standard hours. You saved me from the unbearable pain I suffered in recent days.

For several days, probably due to the intense heatwave, I suffered from a cough that put pressure on my vocal cords and then a severe sore throat that caused me pain and difficulty swallowing, even saliva.

Today, I decided that in the morning, I would make a strong effort to visit my healing angel, Eyal Cohen, at his clinic in Tel Aviv.

Within the first 15 seconds, I already felt relief, and after an hour of treatment, everything, absolutely everything, disappeared!! I was in shock for the umpteenth time, even though I was used to the “magic show” of this special healer.

To my joy and sorrow, I can stand on my feet this evening at the memorial for my dear father’s 11th month.

Friends, Eyal doesn’t ask me to be his spokesperson, but this is my way of thanking him, and more importantly, making you understand that you don’t have to swallow harmful pills and medications.

If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

Good health to all of you and to you, Eyal, I have no words to express my deep gratitude.

Love you, dear man, and appreciate you.
Nava Hareuven

I usually don’t tend to post, but I decided to deviate from my custom and share a medical case I recently went through, the date 1/13/22, time 9:00 p.m., I was evacuated by ambulance to Tel-Hashomer Hospital (I should note that I am a pulmonary patient) connected to oxygen saturation 85 unable to speak with severe angina after receiving inhaled steroids and carrying out the tests, the findings are acute pneumonia with shadowing of the heart.
She arrives for the first treatment with an unstable situation, still at 85, unable to speak or breathe properly
After a two-hour treatment, I leave with a saturation that has risen, I am able to breathe on my own. Angels among us who cross into our lives the moment we need help. There is no doubt that Eyal Cohen, Healing Master
He is one of them who has the ability to heal people from the most difficult illnesses and medical conditions. He treats people with kindness. I don’t have enough words to thank you for all the support and dedicated care from France. Documents from the emergency room from that day.


In honor of dear Eil Cohen!
I would like to thank you above this stage, and it would be more correct to state that it is my duty to acknowledge and publicize the miracle that was done to me by you.
I came to you broken and shattered and with a wounded and tired soul.
For five whole years, I have been suffering from crazy pain that no one understands the threshold of pain and agony of discs in my back that are not normal.
And of course, it affects the stomach and kidney area, as well as severe pain in the limbs and constant lameness, which is not pleasant at all.
In short, an unsympathetic situation for neither the body nor the mind!
What more can I add… simply five years of suffering and coming to terms with the reality that was imposed on me, that I will indeed be in pain and crippled for the rest of my life.
And I will add that my condition is supported by medicine in Israel and the health care system, which let me understand explicitly that my condition is irreversible and that I will know and be able to live with the pain!
I came to you in a miraculous way, probably the providential hand of the Creator who said enough is enough for my pain!
I really don’t know how.
And you immediately instilled hope and understanding in me
That the situation is resolved and will change for the better and quickly!
And so it was!!!
After two days of your dedicated and miraculous treatment “from the gift of God,” .. I felt that my body was coming back to itself and receiving new life
I have long since forgotten that she exists with me, if at all.
I returned to work a week after our meeting with different and good energies, and I also started to walk upright and straight and without any limp or disability whatsoever.
I don’t know how to illustrate exactly, but I will try.
As if a cork had been released that caused a vacuum in my whole body and not just in my back!
All in all, a week has passed since the treatment, and I am happy to inform you that hope has returned to me and, big time, just as you promised!
I only have to thank you from the bottom of my heart.. may God bless you and give you many years of health.
And may you always have the strength and dedication to continue being the faithful messenger to God’s creatures!
With love and appreciation from me
Shlomi Kenan

Must share! Immediately after the coronavirus vaccine, I started to suffer from severe pain in my elbow with difficulty in functioning and lifting things to such an extent that I could not lift a cup of coffee and drink with my right hand but only with my left. And since all the other treatments I received, including pain relievers and tens therapy, nothing helped, and I took myself into my own hands and went to Eyal Cohen’s healing treatments. The healing master Eyal, with his golden hands, treated me for only one hour, during which my hand was numb from heat and pain that slowly subsided. Now after about two hours, I feel much better and am already waiting for the next treatment to reach a state of full function. So a huge thank you to you, Eyal, for being so sensitive and considerate of external situations – good luck, and see you in the next treatment?

Natural cure for cancer

By: Eyal Cohen, Healer, and author of the book series “Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor”

As a therapist, I went through a long journey that made me realize in which cases I could help with healing and the chances of bringing significant results in different health situations.

Although I believed in healing as a healing method, for the first fifteen years that I practiced healing, I did not experience cancer treatment, because I did not want to take responsibility and because had no idea if it could help cure this disease, which has such a deadly reputation, I could not offer anyone to try.

It was my father who gave me the first opportunity to try to cure cancer without any of us intending to.

My father, who enjoyed fishing most of his life, spent many days with a fishing rod on the pier under the scorching sun.

Already in the eighties of the last century, when I felt the intensification of the radiation from the sun, I tried to urge him to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, but unfortunately, he didn’t care too much, and as a result, lesions formed on his skin. As he got older, as he weakened, some of the lesions developed into cancerous tumors.

In 2010, when he was eighty-two, one of the lesions my father had on his scalp began to grow and looked like an open wound that won’t heal. I took him to his Doctor, that sent us to take a biopsy exam, which confirmed that it was a type of cancer called Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC). The family doctor said that because of his age, he would probably not be operated on and sent him to a dermatologist, to whom I occasionally took him for torture with liquid nitrogen in attempts to freeze the tumor. The tumor, as it turned out, was not impressed by the nitrogen, kept growing, and at some point reached the size of a half ping-pong ball and began to cause Dad bouts of excruciating pain.

One morning, when he was in pain, I took him to the emergency room at Assaf Harofeh Hospital. As usual, we spent over eight hours waiting for a doctor while my father groaned in pain. Eventually, when the doctor came and got impressed by the condition, he sent us home and said we should wait for an appointment for surgery to remove the tumor within half a year…

The truth is that what I thought should happen is that he would be admitted for surgery to remove the tumor immediately, but our serious and responsible health system, in which billions of dollars are invested every year so that it could respond to patients, decided to send home eighty-two years old, to live half a year with a tumor in the size of a ping pong ball on the scalp that is growing constantly. Apart from the excruciating pain that the tumor causes as it grows, within days – or even within minutes, it can make a very short way to the brain and eliminate it…

When I realized that this was what the system had to offer, I had no choice but in the meantime to help Dad with healing treatments. When I started treating him, to my surprise, I realized that when I put my hand on the tumor, he had significant relief from the pain.

Because the pain indicates the activity of the tumor, I knew that if there is a decrease in pain, it indicates that the body’s ability to suppress the tumor improves and the activity of the tumor decreases, and I felt that if we continue to strengthen the body with healing treatments, there is a chance that the activity of the tumor will decrease until it will disappear. In order to prevent deterioration between treatments and maintain the momentum of improvement, I started treating it with a frequency of three or four times a week, several hours at a time.

To my amazement, after three months, the tumor disappeared. No trace, mark, or scar remains. The scalp remained clean and smooth, and all this happened only by placing her hands on it, without spells and spells, without toxins, without radiation, without pain, without suffering, without surgery, without complications, without rehabilitation, without scars, without trauma, without causing any direct damage Or indirect.

About a month after the tumor disappeared, I Had a call from Assaf Harofeh Hospital to make an appointment for surgery. I informed them that they could cancel the queue as there was nothing left to remove.

The queue for surgery was indeed canceled without “unnecessary” questions, and I have only to thank the health system, which makes me experiment and understand more and more cases where its services can be avoided and what can be cured with such elegant and body-friendly treatments.

Since I was in the process of healing my father, unfortunately, it did not occur to me to photograph or document the healing processes of the cancer, but recently I had the opportunity to treat the same type of cancer, and this time I took pictures.

In the pictures in front of you is a BCC (Basal cell carcinoma) cancer tumor after one treatment. Because the tumor was still small, the healing was surprisingly fast. In the picture above the tumor before treatment – and in the picture below, the same tumor after three weeks, and you can see that it has almost disappeared.

Guys this is real and it works….
Healing treatment!!!
For 4 months I have been suffering from a wound on my finger that has not healed….
I’ve been to a dermatologist twice, I applied an anti-biotic, but it didn’t help… I was referred to a plastic surgeon… urgent referral but no appointment was available until 11.23…
Full of anxiety and fear of invasive treatment, I asked for healing treatment from Eyal…
4 treatments of one hour each… and there are already signs of change… the wound has closed… it doesn’t hurt… it doesn’t itch… and of course, I relaxed…
Eyal, thank you very much for your patience, time and strength
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
In these three pictures, you can see the healing process in progress
Although we did not make a biopsy, it looks more like a BCC than an ordinary wound
In the pictures below, you can clearly see the stages in the healing process


In the pictures Below, you will see a BCC tumor that grew on my brother’s ear, and the cure from healing treatments can be seen from day to day