How does a natural cure to Gum Diseases relate to spirituality – and what music has to do with it…

A website with music events, spirituality, health, a natural cure to gum diseases, heart diseases, and the understanding of life, how does it all connect?

Sounds confusing? if you have a little patience, I will explain things clearly.
This site reflects me and all the aspects of my life – hence its name

I have always been a musician, guitar player, and a singer.
I did my military service in an army entertainment troupe as a guitarist between 1980 and 1983, and today,
I perform with Gila, my beloved wife in musical evenings, family gatherings and many different events.

So, how does it connect to any matter of health?

Music is energy. Like every energy, loud volume music is an expression of violence, and the higher the volume, the more severe the energy-related diseases and symptoms it can cause!
Balanced music that is pleasing to the ear, gives the eardrum a gentle massage.
It thus contributes to overall good feeling and improves blood circulation and health of the entire
body, and puts the listeners in a good mood.

And spirituality?

Although there is tremendous healing power in love, in reality, modern medicine is technical, cold and expensive, while in the name of the mainstream so-called spiritual religions, people cause hatred,
destruction, disease and not a few deaths – and in fact, accounted for much of the suffering in the world.

In order to make the connection between health and spirituality clear, the book series “Things You
Won’t Hear from Your Doctor
” is a spiritual journey that starts with understanding and curing gum
diseases by making changes in our lifestyle, and continues in the next books with understanding and curing
many other diseases that we suffer from as individuals and as a society, from a point of view which I call
“Objective Awareness”.

Objective Awareness’, as the name suggests, is a worldview without subjective interests,
born out of pure concern for the world and mankind.

Unlike the medical and the scientific point of view which disregards issues such as the energy because it does
not have economic value, ‘Objective Awareness’ focuses on the neglected energy aspects and
analyzes in detail.

The books Series “Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor,” begins a spiritual
journey with the most extreme disrupting balance of energy, gradually continues to understanding the body
and mind functions from the energetic aspect.

In order to demonstrate the way in which different violations of the energy causes certain diseases, it is
important, to begin with the clearest and most simple violation. This is why I choose to start the book series
Things You Won’t Hear from Your Doctor‘ with the common gum diseases, which are a reaction
to the clearest violation of energy, that the human body needs to cope with daily.

In the first book, these diseases are used as a metaphor, as to my perception, in order to live a healthier
life we need to change our approach to the environment and the easier way to do it starts with our small
world, within our body.

Understanding and treating the gum diseases in a natural way brings the reader to do the first step in
understanding the importance of the change and taking responsibility, for the sake of a healthier environment
and a healthier life.

In 1993, at age 32, I managed to cure myself of a severe receding of the gums without medical treatment, in
contradiction to conventional medical opinion. Following the insights that led me to cure my personal problem,
I experienced spiritual enlightenment that helped me heal myself and allowed me to understand, avoid and cure
many other health crises in many different people, from a different approach.

Despite the tremendous difficulty in conveying my unconventional message the public especially as it did not
come from a “known and trusted authority”, since I had my enlightenment, I have been doing my best to convey
my message through a series of books I wrote, called “Things you won’t hear from your doctor
and through this website.

I wish you an enjoyable journey. Be open-minded.
You are welcome to sign up to the site, leave comments and impressions, discuss topics that arouse your
interest, and share it with your acquaintances.

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