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Dear friends;

Ever since the enlightenment that I experienced in 1993, that changed my perception about life and health, I am trying to pass this crucial information to our lives, in this website, and in the book series “Things You Won’t Hear From your Doctor“ that I wrote.
This unique website about the energetic aspect of life, provides clear explanations and practical tips to prevent or naturally cure “chronic” diseases and many health problems which evolve because of violations of the energy balance, and can potentially save a lot of human suffer and lives.
This website is originally written in Hebrew, and many of the subdomains were translated with google translate, so, naturally needs corrections.
Unfortunately, with all my good will, I do not have the time and the resources to translate it to other languages, in order to allow people to benefit from it.
Luckily, You can to help me make the information accessible in your language, either byy helping me translate parts of it to your language or by paying for the book “Things You Won’t Hear From your Doctor“, which will allow me to use proffesional help and move on.
Beyond casual help, I am looking for site managers to different languages.


Other languages are welcome
Knowledge of language as compulsoryy.
In the first stage, work should be done on a voluntary basis, because this site is free and has no income, but at a later stage, if I will find an economic model, I will be happy to pay, and I will do my best to justify your time and energy ;).

The work is of course at home, at your own convenience.

Thank you and take care

Eyal Cohen

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