Preventing baldness and hair bleaching

While you’re reading this article, I recommend you put your hand on the top of your head…

If you were told that hair loss, baldness and bleaching can be prevent or reduced significantly – and more without drugs, without chemicals and without cost, would you believe it?

Now, you want to understand the baldness and the bleaching hair and to prevent them, I’ll explain things from my perspective.

The human brain expands rapidly Over the last stage of its development. Over time,  many new sensations created new nerve cells circuits that appears to be found on the scalp.

Over our lives we go through crisis and challenges, stress and tension and other energies that make us tense. A wide range of emotions , such as degradation, humiliation, anger, jealousy, hatred, shame, anxiety, guilt, remorse and many other feelings that we define as negative energies causes contraction of blood vessels in the scalp. As more scalp blood vessels constrict, decreasing blood supply to hair follicles, the nutrients and other substances such as pigments, hormones and other proteins that reach the scalp or are significantly reduced level. As a result, in certain cases the hair loses its color, and in other cases – fall off.

These days as we live in a high stress level due to high cost of living, competition, alienation and achievement required of us to live in reasonable life standard, baldness has become an epidemic, as more young people– and at a younger age losing their hair.

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to place your palm on the scalp several times a day, especially in situations of distress and if you feel currents in your scalp, which indicates changes in the blood flow.

The most important is to do it is at night, before falling to sleep.

At night we stop the race and before we fall to sleep we think about what happened to us during the day. What we have done to someone else or what someone else done to us… This critical stage of hair loss.

Unpleasant experiences you went through during the day, emerge at bedtime, may make it arise in the morning with a bed full of hair – and exactley the same amount of hair less on your scalp.

To avoid this, try to sleep when the hand is placed over your head. If you can get used to it, the pace of hair loss and bleaching slows down significantly.

The feeling of vasoconstriction is like a tickle in the scalp or a feeling of ants walking over your scalp, and after it happens, we are left with a few less hairs. If you can lay your hand on your scalp every time this feeling starts, you will keep your hair, its color and density for many more years.

Unfortunately, my experience, this method will grow new hair instead of hair that had dropped out, but maybe it will work for you. If you have something to keep, try it today.

My family has a history of early hair whitening. When I was 30, I was quite a white guy. Some of my friends called me “Grandpa” me with a wicked wink…

While I experienced the enlightenment, in a certain moment I felt like very strong currents running through my scalp, and for a few seconds it made me feel completely bald. Instinctively I put my hand over my scalp and let it relax.

I felt better. I felt my hair got stronger…

Since then, twenty years have passed, which I treat myself with Reiki, during which my hair became white– but much less than it was if not treated myself, and the process of hair loss has slowed considerably. you can see the results of the raiki on my head

Ironically, all my friends jeered twenty years ago, today are much whiter than me…

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