Music out of the box

Industrial culture brought many benefits, but also quite a few drawbacks that we should be aware of.
One of its drawbacks in the world of events is that you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. All the professionals are using the same tools and materials, and therefore more or less doing the same work and sound the same.

Our ability to make the playbacks independently, allowing us to create and combine unique musical materials in evenings and at family events where we are singing. Our unlimited repertoire allows us to give your occasion a “gourmet” music, which makes the event a special experience which refreshing and unusual in the Israeli scene.

As with many other aspects of life, events also have became a production line, and it is rare to find man who can think differently and dares to arrange a different event than normal.

Our philosophy is that music doesn’t have to be loud in order to enjoy.
Music is pure energy;
As such, it can caress – or hit.
Cure – or cause a health damage …

We preffer the first wey, of making people enjoy ab be abole to talk, and make the most of the reunion.

In A culture that worships power and disregardes the beauty, where mediocrity and aggression have become the common  properties and the goal in making art became quick profits,  we insist on bringing precisely the elegance, the beauty, the delicacy and complexity for the events that we are, and combine them with happiness, joy and love.


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