Improve the immune system

By : Eyal Cohen

I was asked about how to develop a strong immune system to cope with any infections, and what can be done to develop a strong energy system in the body so that the body is immune to as many diseases.

The most important things for our immune system are

  • Physical work (not just activity)
  • Good sleep (not just rest)
  • Keeping your body warm (avoid cold)
  • Avoid mental and emotional distress
  • No medications
  • Man, like most hot blooded living creaturs, needs to work hard for making living. Working hard strengthening our body and raise our energy level, but in our corrupted modern civilazation, many people developed skills to make mony without working (thinking is not considered as work for this purpose), but this behavior has a huge impact on their health and strangth, and also on their continuity in the form of low sparm count, fertility problems and Congenital malformations and more. If you think that you can make up for it in the gym, I have different thoughts; Your body know if what it does is for fun or for making living and survival, and reffres different to each activity. Hard work strenghtens it in a different way than sports.
  • When we are tired, your energy level is low and your immune system is weak and therefore your body’s tissues are vulnerable, and diseases are easy to catch and we get to feel many sorts of pain.
    For those who think that good sleep is like sleeping seven or eight hours a day, you should be aware that there is also a great significance to the hours of the day and not just the time that we sleep.

Our body’s internal clock is synchronized with the environment, and so does our energy curve levels during the day.
when we wake up in the morning after a good night sleep, after recovering from the night sleep (which takes about two hours), our energy level is at its peak, and as the day passes, the energy level goes down. as the night comes, our energy level drops, and this is the most vulnerable time to catch diseases from all sorts – weather energetic or inflammatory diseases . If you are staying late night awake and you start to sneez, you should get to sleep as fast as you can, otherwise you might wake up in the next day with cold or with influenza, and even with inflemmatory disease as croup or pneumonia or ear infection types or other type of infection.
This is one way that you need to be alerted and listen to your body in order to prevent health crisis that can get sirious.

Every tissue and organ in our body needs to fulfill the aspiration to combustion, in order to function well. if any organg gets low, its ability to combust drops, and it starts to malfunction

  • Medications

It is accepted to give modern medicine the credit for the rise in the life expectancy, but as you will soon read, it is not the medication that makes us live longer. In the counterary, the medications are shortening life and degenerate our immune system as well as other body’s systems. People who live longer and healthier life, usually do not take medications

The real reason for the rise in life expectancy is the abundance in food and clean water, our comfort life and our ability to keep our body’s warmth balanced. Just consider that if we would not have heavy blankets, the average life expectancy would not exceed the age of thirty!

To demonstrate the idea, if you take a dog in the wild, where it needs to hunt to survive, be in a constant search for water, confront extreme hot and cold weather, having to cope with natural enemies, you will find that its life expectancy is about seven years in average.

Now, put this dog in a house where it has food and water and comfortable life, and you will find that the dog more than doubles its life expectancy.

Although I used a dog for the example, this same principle will work just about the same ratio for man as well as for any other living creature, and so, if a man lived average of forty years in the rough conditions that we had few hundred years ago, if you double it you will get an average of an eighty year life expectancy, as we have nowadays.

Although this is not based on research, I personally believe that those who reach old age that raises the average are healthy people that do not consume medications.

Medicine does not strengthen the body. Instead, it replaces the body’s functioning and allows your body to live on medications that damage your genetic strength, causes atrophy while at the same time poisons the body and weakens it. Personally, I believe that in the long term, it will be turned out that modern medicine is shortening the life expectancy and the genetic strength.

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