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Not pleasant topic to discuss – but it’s part of life, and since most of the adult population  in the western world suffer from this mess, I’ll explain it to help you cure and relieve suffering, and to help those who have not yet entered the circle to avoid it…

In Many cases,  in order to understand illness and functional problems, it is enough to look where we separated ourselves from the nature.

Hemorrhoids are part of the digestive system which emerging from the anus. Since they are active, they secrete digestive fluids and feces out of the body, causing unpleasant odor, discomfort, pain and suffering.

In fact, the hemorrhoids are associated with behavior change which are related to the time we spend in the toilet.

If we look at nature, we see that every animal takes seconds to evacuate his bowels. For example, in nature, if the gazelle needs ten or twenty minutes to do it, it would probably be the last time that it does it, because it becomes prey while the act…

As humans, our ancestors did not had fancy toilets. In fact, they didn’t have toilet at all.
in recent generations the toilet seat has become into a place of comfort and quiet where we can concentrate, read a newspaper, tablet… I personally know quite a few people that have made a large percentage of their academic degree while sitting on the toilet – and in many the pressure on the stomach takes more than half an hour – and it may be several times a day… You probably can imagine the tremendous pressure exerted on the stomach while pushing out the content.
In addition, our pelvic floor muscles are weakened, because the average person’s body in the Western culture reduces physical activity as it uses more automation…

Well, if you do not suffer, and came here in order to understand and prevent, simple, short the length of stay in the bathroom.
If you are already suffering from troubles, there are some things you can do to help yourself.

If the hemorrhoids are actually showing, in the shower, under running water and soap, put them back into place gently and carefully with the finger, but this is not enough, because if we continue to act as we did before, they will come out again and again.
To prevent the recurrence, shorten the time that you spend in thew toilets for five minutes – no more. You can use a timer that is exists in every smartphone.

Nothing really urgent and what doesnt come not out now, will come out later. The most important thing is to reduce the pressure…

Besides, after sitting in the toilet, not to rest, but turn around and do some activity, because our organs are held by muscles that are working out during activity, and sitting or lying down after a change, leaves the system in the same situation over time and cause damage.

Do muscle strengthening exercises of the anus, you can do it as any kind of activities and situations.

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  1. Ronda Blasis says:

    agree with you…..this is a very painful disease, especially during the bowel movements…….i noticed that it is more common in men….my husband has the internal hemorrhoids 🙁

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