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The book “The Natural Solution To the Common Gum Diseases” is a part of a powerful enlightenment that I experienced in 1993, that reveals a suppressed truth concerning countless issues in life, that we need to be aware of, in order to avoid serious health crisis and live a healthier life and improve your qualty of life.

I decided to put it on my web site free of charge, because I believe that this information should be free, in a way that you could have it also if you cannot pay for it.

Yet, I have been working on this book for more than ten years, and this is only the tip of the iceberg, and I cannot run faster without resources.

Since I have three more books to complete, edit and translate in the series “Things You Won’t Hear From your Doctor” I ask for a fair payment, hoping that at least some will do the right thing, and that you choose to be among them – and help me to relieve you from many other sicknesses, health issues and suffering, and promise you a better life.

If you choose to pay for this book, whether in its in web format, E-Book or in a printed format, you should feel great, because from every aspect, it is more than likely the best value for money that you will ever get, since for every dollar that you pay, you save potentially more than a thousand, that would otherwise go for medical treatments.

Since I am not an association, legally, I cannot have donations. I can only use your help to continue with my mission, if you pay for the book or for information on this website.

I hope that with your support, I will be able to dedicate more time and resources to this project, and that the other books in the series will come sooner.

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Eyal Cohen
6 Hazeelim St.
Rishon Lezion


Thank you and Good luck in your new path.

Best regards

Eyal Cohen

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  1. Eyal says:

    For the last six month no one paid, and so, I need to make living from my other occupations and I cannot find the time or energy to continue develop this website or translate my other books.
    I an sorry for you but I did the most that I could do

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