Uneasy birth

By Eyal Cohen

Why do we suffer pain in childbirth … Is birth supposed to hurt ???

Disclosure: I never gave birth, and as a male, I will presumably not give birth in the future.
My view on the subject is based on the observation of nature.

According to the conceptual world in which we live, the pain is a natural part of the delivery, but does it really have to be this way? Note that in this planet only human race suffers pains of childbirth. All animals in nature giving birth as part of the natural cycle of life, pain-free – and do not constitute a project that requires mental strength and special preparations.
Did you try to wonder about the reason for this?

Many of the women who are going to give birth suffer from anxiety – and the truth is that it can be understood…

In the hospitals of the industrial culture in which we live,obstetricians are doing their job in industrial, mechanical, quick assembly line, without too much consideration in the physical and emotional needs of women – and fetus.
The doctors and nurses, who do not meet the system loads imposed on them, in many cases they do not wait to the woman body to be ready, as they prefer to give birth by caesarean section to finish it as soon as possible, with as little risk-taking immediate aspect.

In the reality of a galloping economy, every second is important, and the delivery rooms in hospitals have become an industry which exists according to the calculations of cost and Profit, tight schedule and high turnover.

Woman lying on a bed with her legs apart, and the pressure begins. For a long time – sometimes even hours, given catalysts and medication to accelerate the process and the midwife encourages and adding stress shouting “push” “push,” “Breathe deeply,” “Here I already see the head”, and the miserable not yet mother sweating, puffing trying and trying to push so hard, to many instances of birth ends with “birth” of hemorrhoids – and she even gets cut “, in order to expand the vaginal opening and allow the newborn space through which he could emerge into the world. Then they sew the opening back, and happy woman goes home limping for several days, in pain and trauma in many cases.

Many woman who experienced this birth, for the second birth prefer cesarean birth after losing interest in sex, and still live the pain and physical crisis.

If the system has the right approach and the woman was waiting for a few hours – or even minutes without pressuring, labor would likely pass effortlessly and painlessly, correctly and healthier for her and for her baby.

Regarding the pain, the newborn is the result of the mother’s stomach.

If we use the term “Fruit of the womb” that became acceptable in the context of the offsprings, we go with this image a little further to examine the relationship between the fetus and the mother and how he should be born.
Anyone who has picking fruit, know that the fruit is not ripe is not separate from the tree easily – and in many cases, unintentionally, tryint to pick the immature fruit, we tore off part of the branch and damage the tree.

in contrary, when the fruit is ripe, it is harvested easily, “without complications” – and no pain. Even if it is not picked proactively, at some point, when the fruit is ripe, it falls from the tree itself, and out into the world to fulfill his destiny. This is exactly what is supposed to be the birth process, when it takes place without constraints and various inductions. At the right time, the body produces the hormones soften the tissues and organs prepare the baby’s departure into the world naturally and smoothly, and makes the birth process into natural.

Trying to deliver the baby before the right time, is like ripping the fruit from the tree before its ready.

To pass her experience smooth, do not speed up the process. Any artificial intervention that is not necessary, can be traumatic to the mother or even the fetus.

Caesareans operation which are the greatest tragedies of modern medicine, is unjustified unless it is essential for the survival of the woman or fetus, but when it is done for convenience and for , it harms the mother’s hormone system, and may cause health damage in the short term and more serious damage in the long term, as a result of disruptions in the endocrine system. If this is in your hands, do yourself a favor, and give birth the way nature made, and have less pain and less trauma and less hormonal disruptions.

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