Out of the box health tips

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Why do you need health tips from someone who never studied Medicine?
You have an excellent doctor who devoted eight years of his life studying how to help you and still undergoing advanced training, great research institutions funded by high-tech pharmaceutical companies that are investing billions in search for the truth, and able to produce medicines in quantities that can feed all of humanity…

A second opinion is not necessarily a different opinion

If you look for a second or third opinion on a health issue within the system, you will probably hear the same explanations in different variations.
Indeed, this website in the spirit of the book series “Things You Won’t Hear From your Doctor“, will emphasize the significance of a different understanding, for our ability to live a healthier and therefore a happier life.
It is important to clarify that these tips explain the most common causes of the problems that we deal with. However, if the problem that you suffer from is caused by other factors, it might not work for you.
Gook luck on your new way of understanding and healing!

  • Preventing burns in your fingeres

I am wishing you an enlightening read, and kindly ask you to tell your friends about this site, to enable them to enjoy better health and a clearer understanding of life 🙂

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